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very nice easy to handle knife


This sword was a gift for my partner for our anniversary and he absolutely loved it. Sword seems to be well made and has a beautiful hilt. Very big in person. The option to have it engraved made it all the better, partner lived the engraving.

Gladius Sword - Mainz Gladius - Gladiator/ Roman Sword - 28"

Excellent Sword

The sword is not only era correct but is finely weighted. The handle is excellent and offers the wielder a solid grasp and it narrows down to an excellent piercing point which is what Roman swords of the time would have done. Everyone (especially my historically minded friends but even others) who have had a chance to see it commented on the quality and those fortunate enough for me to have let wield it have loved it. I would advise this to anyone looking for a find gladius at an extremely reasonable price and if I do ever buy another sword it will be from

Best one so far!

This is the third sword I’ve bought from this website and I couldn’t be happier! The blade is gorgeous! The ripples on the Damascus blade stand out.

The sword is a good weight where it’s not too heavy but heavy enough that it makes you realize you are holding a real life weapon! This is a work of art and I’m in love with my new sword. The price is amazing and shipping was fast and the sword arrived in pristine condition

I love cool knives, if you like something cool and practical this is a very good option.

Beautiful and Awesome

100% Damascus aside from the handle material itself, this blade is great quality and put together very well.

The picture did not do this item any justice, the patterns in the damascus are beautiful and the three perfect fullers bring out the patterns even better in the cut. I feel empowered to hold this sword. A true 1 hand weapon, very well balanced, fits well in the handle and has a smooth swing. If you are questioning buying this, just do it, you won't regret it.

Better than expected

This is a good looking sword, with an interesting Damascus type blade. I had mine engraved, which turned out nice. I'm not sure if I like the carved grip. But it adds to the visual interest. This one balances a little more blade heavy than the Claymore, and as a result feels a little slower. The company was responsive and helpful, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Nice blade for the price

Good solid blade. It seems like they actually do stress test their blades as well, as there was a slight roll in the edge where it had made high velocity contact with another hard object. Not complaining at all though, as it held up well. Thank you much.

Nice mix of ancient and modern.

Beautifully-forged, well-balanced little blade made in the style of a gladius but with contemporary handle materials and a hunting knife-type sheath. The scabbard is single stitched but sturdy, with a whetstone pocket and heavy-duty snaps proudly but inexplicably embossed with the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma. Beautiful pattern on the blade, which is nicely balanced and appears ready to withstand vigorous use. The grip's a bit small; I wrapped grip tape and now it's perfect. Instantly one of my favorites. Questions promptly answered too, props to customer service!

Excellent bow, nice draw weight and well balanced. Also looks great hanging on the wall.

Lovely dress, fits small

The dress itself is well made from summer weight linen. However, it fits small. Order one size larger than you usually would.

Worth it

Got the sword quickly and it is solid. Some glue and a small scrape came on the sheath but it is still great quality. Was anticipating the sword to be pre-sharpened but no biggie. It is well crafted and light. Completely worth the money, buy it.


Gladius sword is good, scabbard is nice, everything looks authentic.

Great sword!

This sword was purchased for a theater production. It was of excellent quality and was at an incredible price. Would definitely look to Battling Blades if I need more swords!

Longsword- High Carbon Damascus Steel- 38"

Double Bladed Tracker Knife

This a razor sharp and great looking blade for display. Made with high quality craftmanship. Would recommend to any knife collector for their collection.

New Family Heirloom

This sword is perfect for the new family heirlooms I am putting together. The price is right and the sword with white, very specifically white, is perfect. Customer service was amazing and delivery was not DiGiorno ;)

Navidium Shipping Protection
Tom Steele

Navidium Shipping Protection

Awesome costume piece!

It’s perfect, well crafted…but a bit small. Or I’m a bit big. Either way, absolutely worth the money.

Very good

Its exactly what you would expect, and the handle is removeable. Came in timely as well

Gladius upgraded

The center fuller was phenomenal! Not to mention I sense this blade is full tang. I don't see any grinding marks on it near the handle like the last one. I'm super impressed and happy about the quality and beauty of this blade. That isn't an overstatement. This blade is genuinely that good. And I'm so thankful you guys let me get the return on that even after 30 days. I'm extremely grateful for the great customer service!

Ett mycket fint blad. A Very fine blade.

Jag är väldigt stolt över att äga detta tillverkade vapen och verktyg. I am very proud to own this crafted weapon and tool.