Battling Blades Reviews

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Love it!

Love this piece! It’s absolutely beautiful and very well balanced. Always a treat to buy from here.

bad ass

i love it i’m at home cutting all kinds of stuff i feel like a samurai lol

Most Impressive

Excellent product! Marvelous craftsmanship. Would buy again.

Dad loved it!

It was for Dad’s birthday and he loved it, thank you!

Awesome knife

I actually bought this knife several months ago. Great knife ! Very well made. It's my first Damascus knife and it's beautiful.

Beautiful Quality Craftsmanship

Very beautiful high quality Gladius Hispaniensis made with Damascus Steel!

Survival Knife- Handmade D2 Steel Knife


This way the perfect gift for my boyfriend. He loves swords. It is absolutely beautiful.

Viking sword

Excellent sword front weighed heavy good workmanship good leather workmanship shipping was great


I love this piece so much. It’s gorgeous and feels great in my hand. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but it’s very sharp and I’m excited to get the opportunity. Love this shop, the people are so nice and they always do gorgeous work. <3


Amazing Tomahawk! More impressive in person. I wonder if they sell the leather covering, as it was chewed up by our dog?

Excellent product

Great craftsmanship, excellent steel once sharpened holds the edge well. Do recommend will use again

Gorgeous and tightly made

Just got mine, and it is gorgeous. Tang is more fit for two handed but the blade is easily wielded with one. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous. The edge is ready to cut and you can hear and feel the sweet spot on the blade right where it is supposed to be. I couldn’t be happier. Took it on a water bottle test and cut cleanly through with little effort and a great recovery to swing again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

I thought the sheath was sub standard to the blade. Little disappointed



beautiful demascus pattern well made great balance


Absolutely AMAZING!!! This is NOT a toy, this is a very real, very sharp and immaculately handcrafted Katana!
Can’t wait to get another!


The pictures don’t do this work of art justice, It’s way better in person has a good weight to it. Feels nice when you hold it. I love it!

Bowie Knife

Loved it! Quality is awesome! Communication was great also! Thank you kindly.

Bowie Knife- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Hunting Knife

Excellent knife

Beautiful knife. Great pattern. Very happy with this blade.

Lovely sword

Great quality sword, definitely worth the price. The knife is a cute bonus. Would highly recommend

Battling swords

Thank you you are are the best and you have the best quality swords

Even More Realistic Than Expected

I purchased this sword for the fact it is made from metal, but I still expected it to be something of a display or prop item. When I received it, I was impressed by it being so well crafted as to be an actual sword. Since I value realism in my projects, such as the videos in which I intend to use this, I find myself extremely pleased with what I received.

Nice sword for a good price.

This is a well built sword for a good price. The blade is beautiful and the balance is good. This is my first viking sword and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I've also bought the viking axe which is another nice buy. I will be back for more. Skol!



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