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Skinner Knife- Hunting Knife- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade

Awesome !!

This set is beautiful!! I love everything thing about it.

Skinning Knife/ Skinner Knife- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Natural

Beautiful craftsmanship

I purchased the knives for my nephews. They absolutely love them. They can quickly point out the details of the craftsmanship on these knives and the quality. One nephew’s father use to make knives so he is skilled in noticing quality and details. The knives are high quality, and I always appreciate the efficiency of dealing with this business.

Skinning Knife/ Skinner Knife- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Natural

Great Gift

Bought it for my Nephew also a Roman Short sword for his brother. They went crazy loved them Great Present. Well made very impressive !

Beautiful craftsmanship

Bought for my fiancé for Christmas. He said it was EXACTLY what he was looking for to carry while hunting. The Damascus was beautiful and the handle was so well made. Will buy more from the seller


Great workmanship, ordered this as a gift- liked it so much ordered two more. Keep ip the good work

Great product, had to hone the blades, but happy overall. Will buy again.

Couldn't be happier

Wanted to gift knives but not a gimmicky piece. Something memorable. These were perfect. They absolutely loved them.

True modern Greek Xiphos

The diamond edge on this blade is very fine and a work of art of its own. The blade is beautifully balanced and the rosewood with the visible full tang is just a really great addition. The D2 steel shines in the light and feels like true craftsmanship in your hand, Greek-style craftsmanship.

Thank you, Battling Blades.

Sharp and Beautifully Crafted

Right off the bat, the blade came fully greased and protected. The first thing I noticed was the sharpness of the blade's edge and tip, which was awesome. As a buyer of several battling blades products, I can say with no doubt in my mind the sharpening of each blade is very finely executed - be careful!
The sword swings as a true gladius and the hispaniensis shaping makes for a beautiful craft. True Damascus through and through the blade.

I bought another one! Can you give another one as a gift? Haha

I’ve tested it and it’s excellent. i bought another one for my brother


It's a cool looking sword theres nothin better

Straight Razor- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade

Great blade

Love the knife. The edge on the blade is excellent and the damascus steel is great

Skinning knife

Very happy with my skinning knife. Was a pretty good wait to receive it but it was well worth it. Will definitely be buying more from Battling Blades in the future

Battling blades skinner

Excellent quality and amazing craftsmanship.A beautiful knife,great customer service. I will buy from this company again.

Beautiful Blade!

This was a birthday preset for my oldest son. It was extraordinary with a very sharp blade and its own leather holster. Thanks!!!

Beauty and the Beast!

Beautifully designed and ergonomic. A cross between art & a weapon of war. Niiiiiiice



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