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Free Sword Stand

Fight Director Likes BB Rapier

Bought for my brother who is a professional fight director. He really liked it.

Excellent gift

Bought two knives as a Christmas present for family members. They were well made very well liked. Took a while to get but they made it in time for the occasion. I recommend as a gift for anyone.

Nice knife

Perfect size and shape. Nice looking and arrived very sharp. Prompt reply to a question i had, and rushed it through for a holiday delivery. I'll buy from them again.

Brilliant Craftsmanship

Received mine today and it is beautiful and empowering to the soul. You can feel the craftsmanship as you hold the sword in your hand. Well done.

Rapier Sword- Zorro/ Fencing Sword-47"- Stainless Steel

Beautiful sword!

Sword was made beautifully and was shipped with care.


The title just about says it all.. maybe even understates it.
the weight is perfect for low impact workouts.
And it is right comfortable to hold.

Great comfort axe

This axe is not only Beautiful in it's form, it is also very functional.
As crazy as it may seem when I get stressed the weight of it actually helps calms me down.
This was my second order. the first was the The Viking sword (also known as the Viking age sword) or Ulfberht sword

Awesome Blade!

Beautiful knife! It was well made and my son really liked it. Brian was very responsive to my questions and emails. I will definitely order from Battling Blades again.

Haladie dual blade dagger

it is an excellent weapon. Damascus steel razor sharp. the blade could possibly stop a bullet. it is a little longer than I expected which makes it a little hard to be inconspicuous and it might be a little difficult for close in fighting. with 2 at arms length you would be invincible against multiple attackers.

Great purchase

The blade is beautiful and so far has taken abuse in stride. My boys are still fighting over it. Will order more knives from battlingblades in the future

Very nice

I bought this for a relative who likes to collect knives and they were really happy with it.


Beautifully crafted and it is well appreciated. Great customer service.

High Carbon Damascus Steel Machete/ Knife/ Sword- 15"

My wife saw one of these on Forged In FIre and wanted there you are. Nice knife, good construction, beautifu

The Romans Never Had it this Good!

The Sword is Beautiful. My son loved it. The Blade has a slight warp and twist but it is still a 5 (or better) sword. Have bought several more of different types. NOT A TOY. This sword comes extremely sharp. Worth every penny. Brian is wonderful in how fast he gets back to your email inquiries.

Katana Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword with Clay Temper Blade- Samurai Sword- 40.5"

Great blade.

The blade is incredible. The Damascus detail is eye popping. I couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you.

Strength and beauty

This is well-made you can feel it when you hold it. It's also beautiful to just look at. I'm sure the Roman Gladius was a bit longer, but other than that I'm very satisfied.

Overall ok, but blade was bent

Bent tip otherwise ok for value.

Great Sword

Ordered this great rapier sword. I Was quite happy with it. It shall make a great display. Thanks for your awesome products!

Christmas Gift for Husband

I loved the sword. One of a kind the Demarcus is unique and amazing products. Would definitely order again. I ordered 2 swords loved both of the items.

Just got this one today. It's really nice especially if you are looking for a authentic design reproduction ancient Greek sword. The quality is really good too.



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