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I cannot express enough how great these are. Also ordered 20 blades and got them in perfect timing. Can’t give this enough stars

Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword

Service was great, blade quality was good very pleased over all.

Very sayisfied

For the price it’s a great deal.
Sword is super cool and fun to use. Don’t be hesitant to buy this sword.

Spoiled hubby

My husband is in love with his new Bowie knife. It is beautiful


Haladie by Battling blades is an excellent addition to my small collection of melee weapons. It is quite a close replica of Yet, this double blade dagger has four sharp edges, and one needs a hashashin's dedication to practice with it before they hone their skills.

Gurkha Kukri Knife-Handmade High Carbon Damascus Steel Machete/ Knife/ Sword- 14"

Viking sword

The sword matches its description. It's very nice.

Battling Blades is AWESOME

I'll tell ya what, people thought I was crazy for wanting to give my groomsmen swords, but when I found battling blades, I knew I was in business! Not only am I able to afford MULTIPLE swords, but also, when I changed my mind about one of the swords, on a whim, they were QUICK to help me replace it with an even cooler one. They were so kind to me and every part of the experience was easy. Super cool swords too. They look just like they do on the site.


Always wanted a real sword… thought I would try battle blades cause the reviews were good. Blown away with how legit it is… Love it will eventually get around to buying the red katana and display stand for both!

Nice Blade

Well crafted Samurai sword, very sharp. Feels great in your hands and surprisingly light weight

Awesome blade! Great quality!

Looked and feeled exactly how I wanted. Not cheap. VERY worth the price...I will be buying more. Trust me.


Have looked at acquiring for a year
It's fun....light, well made, a value for the price
The sheath is even quality
A great buy

Absolutely Stunning

I bought this sword expecting an average longsword, however, I got a piece of functional art that heavily exceeded my expectations. This sword is simply incredible and well worth every penny. Would 100% recommend.

So worth it!

So I started playing through a video game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and really started itching to purchase a new katana with a somewhat unique design.

After purchasing this blade, said itch has now been scratched.

Beyond impressive!

A true work of art. To say this blade is impressive would be an understatement. As a collector of unique weaponry I gotta say that this is by far one of the best pieces I’ve ever purchased. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I could tell right away how much time was put into its design. I’ve purchased less beautiful pieces for way more. Further more it’s just as sharp as the company claims their blades are.

One thing that bugged me a little however was the damage to the case it came in. While all components of the blade were completely fine, from the sheath and hilt to the blade itself. The case it came in was a bit damaged. The bottom was cracked and one side had the locks missing.

Overall however, as long as the blade is fine I’m completely satisfied. I will absolutely be coming back to these guys in the future.

Longsword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword With Clay Temper- 45"

First purchase from Battling Blades

I was very impressed with the quality of the sword and the service of the company. I have made made several other purchases since then and intend to make other purchases. Highly recommend.

Bowie knife Damascus

I purchase two knives one as a gift which I have not given yet as for me my knife is well-made and the Damascus is attractive the handle fits my hand well and the front guard is not wimpy the bone heel is a nice touch it is a good knife for the money very satisfied

Pompeii Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 29"- Roman Sword


I am a beginner on collecting swords and medieval Weaponry and still continue to check the site for other items I had got the Longsword with Knife and to my surprise it had shown up intact, in great condition, and ultimately battle ready if need be. This sword has surprised me on the craftmanship, and ability, as well as cost, how cheap the sword was really undercut the swords ability. Battling Blades is quite literally my favorite site to go to for Swords, Knifes and Accessory's, hell even Axes. I am now looking at the "Viking Sword- Carolingian - High Carbon Damascus Steel" as my next piece to my collections and as I look I do not doubt the ability of Battling Blades to deliver on their excellent Ability. If you are looking into a blade carries weight, but is still swingable and has great quality, the Longsword with Knife is a great choice among LARPers, Collectors, and maybe even self defense. (I'm not paid, I just genuinely like the sword I got)


I think it is an excellent sword for the price

It rips

The sword rips. Got it for a buddy for his birthday. He loved it. Turned a 27 year old man and father into a 12 year old boy in an instant.

Great sword love the sheath and the knife

Arabian Scimitar Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword-27"



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