Battling Blades

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Battling Blades

Summer Sale

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Battling Blades

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Wristband Bracer- Forearm Armor- Lace-Up Gauntlet
from $49.99
|14:365458#Dark brown;5:200003528
Roman Pauldrons- Gladiator Shoulder Armor
Sale price$7999 $79.99 Regular price $13999 $139.99 Save $60
Samurai Pauldrons and Chest Armor
$8999 $89.99
Frying Pan- Nonstick Pan- Stainless Steel
$7999 $79.99
Chef's Knife- Japanese Style- Stainless Steel- 13"
Sale price$14999 $149.99 Regular price $21999 $219.99 Save $70

Who Are We?

Battling Blades designs and sells high quality swords, axes, machetes and knives.  We strive to design and create products with the highest quality metals, bone, wood, and leather.  We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and have special interest in customer service.  We are a family owned and operated business and take great pride in the quality of our work.