Mongolian Traditional Hunting Bow - Recurve Archery Bow

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Presenting the Mongolian Traditional Hunting Bow - a true homage to the mastery of Mongolian archery. This recurve bow is steeped in centuries of history, capturing the essence of the Mongolian hunters whose lives revolved around their prowess with the bow.

Boasting a draw weight of 50lbs, this traditional hunting bow is designed to deliver the perfect balance of power and precision. The bow's safe draw length of 80cm or 31.50'' allows for fluid motion, ensuring a smooth and effective shooting experience.

The bow's length measures approximately 135cm or 53.15'', allowing it to strike an optimal balance between speed and stability. The relatively compact size makes this bow highly portable and easy to maneuver, perfect for those looking to enjoy a bit of traditional archery on their outdoor adventures.

What sets this bow apart is the exquisite craftsmanship of the bow tips. Crafted from Robinia pseudoacacia wood, a wood species renowned for its strength and durability, the bow tips embody the rugged beauty of nature. This adds not only an element of aesthetics to the bow but also promises lasting resilience.

A bow file of 16cm-18cm or 6.30''-7.09'' further optimizes the bow's performance. This Mongolian Traditional Hunting Bow stands as a symbol of the wilderness, resilience, and the primal instincts of the hunt. Whether you're an archery enthusiast or a history buff, this bow promises an immersive foray into the past and the thrill of traditional archery.

Product Details

  • Style: Mongolian Traditional Hunting Bow
  • Bow File: 16cm-18cm / 6.30''-7.09''
  • Safe Draw Length: 80cm/31.50''
  • Draw Weight: 50lbs
  • Length: Approximately 135cm/53.15''
  • Bow Tip Material: Robinia pseudoacacia wood

Experience the thrilling art of Mongolian archery with our Traditional Hunting Bow - a true tribute to the timeless spirit of the hunt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cool bow

Bow was neat

Carlton White

This Bow was purchased for display and for showcasing my own artistry with necrotic woodland structures as an example and inspiration for my base-craft. I couldn’t have been more well-pleased. The details are amazing and speak to a deep artistry and craft which flows from this Company. I can’t speak as one who has tested its mettle on the range so far, though. However, I have purchased many items here, from swords to knives, axes and kitchen cutlery—even straight razors for my boys ( Battling Blades is a hit for Christmas! ) and I have never been disappointed. On the one rare occasion the product was not a fit for my application, Battling Blades was so gracious, understanding and responsive to my request for a refund, as the product was returned after I had simply opened to inspect and then reshipped. They are amazing. The Damascus Steele also gives such a punch to any presentation of their metal-craft. I whole-heartedly recommend them and this Bow in a wooden medium, in which I am very familiar. Thanks you for your artistry; Canoe Ridge Contemplative Studio

Dan Mick
Great bow

Now is very well made and has comfortable grip along with decorative wrappings. Very pleased with this purchase since I bought it to be a real prop for a professional skit, dancing routine.

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