Zweihänder Sword- Two Handed Longsword - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 49"
Zweihänder Sword- Two Handed Longsword - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 49"
Zweihänder Sword- Two Handed Longsword - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 49"

Zweihänder Sword- Two Handed Longsword - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 49"

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Zweihänder: The Iconic Two-Handed Longsword

The Zweihänder, a formidable two-handed longsword, is a historical marvel that originated from the German longsword in the 14th century. Favored by German and Swiss mercenaries, this sword represents the peak of the trend toward larger sword sizes during the late Middle Ages. Its design and size were such that it resembled a thrusting polearm, like the Svärdstav, more than a traditional longsword. Soldiers wielding the Zweihänder often fought in pike formations, a tactic typically associated with polearm combat.

Weighing over 4.5 pounds and stretching a minimum of 4.5 feet in length, the Zweihänder was a symbol of might and skill on the battlefield. Ceremonial versions of this sword could reach up to ten pounds in weight and seven feet in length. Its impressive size necessitated carrying it over the shoulder, as a sheath was impractical. Mastery in the use of this formidable weapon earned soldiers the prestigious title "Meister des langen Schwertes" or "Master of the Long Sword." Although its military use declined by the end of the 16th century, the Zweihänder continued to hold ceremonial significance into the 17th century.

Blade Craftsmanship

This replica Zweihänder is masterfully crafted from Pattern welded Damascus steel, known for its exceptional hardness and durability. The blade comprises 11 pieces of steel, folded five times to create a total of 352 layers. This intricate process results in a blade that combines a Rockwell hardness rating of 55 to 56 HRC with remarkable flexibility and impact resistance, making it ideal for both display and historical reenactments.

Sword Specifications

  • Handle Material: A sturdy combination of metal and leather for a comfortable, secure grip.
  • Overall Length: 49 inches, authentically replicating the formidable size of the original Zweihänder.
  • Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC, ensuring durability and edge retention.
  • Blade Layers: 352, achieved through a meticulous folding process:
    • 1st Fold: 22 Layers
    • 2nd Fold: 44 Layers
    • 3rd Fold: 88 Layers
    • 4th Fold: 176 Layers
    • 5th Fold: 352 Layers
  • Sheath: A custom-made leather sheath, tailored to accommodate the sword’s impressive dimensions.
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Damascus steel, consisting of 6 pieces of Carbon Steel (#43 and #40) and 5 pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095.


The Zweihänder Sword, with its 49-inch High Carbon Damascus Steel blade, is not just a weapon but a piece of history. Its craftsmanship pays homage to the legendary two-handed longswords of the past, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of medieval weaponry.

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Customer Reviews

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Bruce McLaughlan
Better than expected

This is a good looking sword, with an interesting Damascus type blade. I had mine engraved, which turned out nice. I'm not sure if I like the carved grip. But it adds to the visual interest. This one balances a little more blade heavy than the Claymore, and as a result feels a little slower. The company was responsive and helpful, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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