Wakizashi Sword- Short Katana - High Carbon 1095 Steel Japanese Sword- 31.5"
Wakizashi Sword- Short Katana - High Carbon 1095 Steel Japanese Sword- 31.5"
Wakizashi Sword- Short Katana - High Carbon 1095 Steel Japanese Sword- 31.5"

Wakizashi Sword- Short Katana - High Carbon 1095 Steel Japanese Sword- 31.5"

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The Wakizashi: Samurai's Sidearm of Tradition and Precision

The wakizashi stands as a testament to the samurai's way of life, epitomizing their readiness, honor, and precision. This traditional Japanese sword, with a blade ranging from 12 to 24 inches, was not merely a secondary weapon; it was a symbol of the samurai's status and soul. Paired with the katana, this daishō—or "big-little"—combination was exclusive to the samurai class during feudal Japan, distinguishing them with grace and authority.

The unique identity of the wakizashi is evident in its specialized forge work, distinct from the katana in both shape and design. It served multiple roles beyond combat, such as for close-quarter engagements, ceremonial purposes, and the poignant act of seppuku, preserving a warrior's honor in death as it did in life. Its significance was further cemented in the Edo period, with set regulations on sword lengths underscoring its esteemed place within the samurai's armory.

Blade Craftsmanship: This particular wakizashi boasts a blade made from 1095 steel, revered for its high carbon content at 0.95%, which endows it with outstanding edge retention and sheer hardness. The choice of 1095 steel places this sword at the zenith of traditional weaponry, marked by a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 HRC. However, this hardness does not come at the expense of necessary flexibility; the blade is tempered with clay to refine its resilience. By insulating the spine of the blade during the quenching process, the edge remains hard and sharp, while the body acquires a softer, more pliable quality. This strategic tempering forges a blade of unparalleled strength balanced with flexibility.

Sword Specifications:

  • Overall Length: An elegant 31.5 inches, this wakizashi bridges the gap between utility and ceremonial presence.
  • Sheath: Accompanied by a traditional wood sheath that safeguards the blade and complements its aesthetic.
  • Blade Material: Forged from high-grade 1095 steel, ensuring superior durability and a razor-sharp edge.
  • Tang: A full tang extends into the handle, providing structural strength and balance.
  • Handle: Crafted from wood, the handle is likely wrapped in the traditional tsuka-ito for grip and control.
  • Rockwell Hardness: The blade's impressive hardness rating reflects its potential for both keen sharpness and a degree of shock absorption.

Wakizashi Sword – The Soul of the Samurai: More than a weapon, this wakizashi represents the samurai's dedication to their code and culture. With its finely honed 1095 steel blade, it embodies the perfect fusion of lethality and artistry. This short katana is not just a piece of history; it is a continuation of the samurai legacy, resonating with the spirit of those who once wielded it with pride and skill. Whether for collection, display, or martial arts, this wakizashi is a remarkable acquisition for enthusiasts of Japanese tradition and swordsmanship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Angie Tonucci (Springfield, US)
Excellent, As Always!

This gorgeous katana is my third sword from BB, this time a gift for my bestie, and he is going to LOVE IT. This blade is STUNNING and, as usual, exceptional quality, super fast shipping, and amazing customer service. You guys are the best, and I tell everyone who admires my swords I'll never buy from anybody else! :)

Thomas Reppuhn ('Ewa Beach, US)
Very sayisfied

For the price it’s a great deal.
Sword is super cool and fun to use. Don’t be hesitant to buy this sword.

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