Vikings and Noble Knight's Shoulder Belt Sword

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Designed to cater to both valiant Vikings and noble knights, this shoulder belt is the ultimate companion for those who seek authenticity and style in their historical reenactments, LARP adventures, and captivating costume ensembles.


  • Historical Essence:  This meticulously crafted accessory captures the very essence of two distinct eras - the adventurous Vikings and the noble knights of medieval times.
  • Fantastical Flair: A bridge between two worlds - a testament to the indomitable spirit of Vikings and the unwavering code of chivalry of knights.
  • Flowing Form: Its innovative sword frog design, complete with a reliable scabbard sheath, securely cradles your weapon of choice – be it a rapier, a trusted sword, or any other blade worthy of a gallant warrior.
  • Versatile Vision: Whether you're a Viking warrior conquering new horizons or a noble knight defending the realm, this shoulder belt complements your character's essence while providing unmatched convenience on your journey.

Unleash your inner warrior and exude the noble spirit of chivalry as you wear this remarkable piece that bridges the gap between eras and brings history to life.

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