Viking Sword- Carolingian - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 38"- Viking Age
Viking Sword- Carolingian - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 38"- Viking Age
Viking Sword- Carolingian - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 38"- Viking Age

Viking Sword- Carolingian - High Carbon Damascus Steel - 38"- Viking Age

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Exquisite Viking Sword: Carolingian Epoch Masterpiece

Descend into the gripping annals of Northern European history with this magnificent Viking Sword, a relic steeped in the war-forged saga of the Early Middle Ages. The Carolingian legacy, an echo from the 8th century, intricately merges the martial essence of the Viking raiders with the aristocratic spirit of the Norman knights, bearing the proud lineage of the Roman Gladius.

Crafted for the relentless pursuits of the dauntless, the sword is a blend of lethal grace and robust valor, tailor-made for both slashing and thrusting through the tumults of battle. As the 12th century dawned, the Viking sword seamlessly transcended into the Norman sword era, paving the path for the knightly swords, carrying forth its ferocious spirit into the chivalric ages.

Sublime Blade Craftsmanship: The essence of this martial relic lies in its blade, meticulously forged from the revered Pattern Welded Damascus Steel. The process, an ode to the ancient blacksmith arts, involves folding 11 pristine pieces of steel, five times to craft a blade of 352 robust layers. The heart of the blade beats with high carbon steel of 1095 grade, renowned for its maximum carbon content, bestowing the blade with a potent blend of hardness and durability, evaluated at a Rockwell hardness scale of 55 to 56 HRC.

The sword, a symphony of steel layers, embodies an edge honed to sing the grim song of battle, coupled with the strength and flexibility to weather the storm of steel and fire. It's not merely a weapon; it's a testament to the indomitable spirit of the ancient warriors.

Exquisite Details

  • Handle Material: Rich Wood complemented with Brass Bolsters, a marriage of elegance and durability.
  • Overall Length: 38", a length forged for commanding presence and formidable reach.
  • Sheath: Genuine Leather Sheath, a protective cocoon for this piece of martial legacy.
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel; The soul forged with a blend of Carbon Steel #43 and #40 alongside High Carbon Steel 1095 through a rhythmic folding process:
    • 1st Fold: 11x2 = 22 Layers
    • 2nd Fold: 22*2 = 44 Layers
    • 3rd Fold: 44*2 = 88 Layers
    • 4th Fold: 88*2 = 176 Layers
    • 5th Fold: 176*2 = 352 Layers

Acquiring this Viking Sword is akin to holding a piece of the fierce, yet noble history in your grasp. It’s more than a sword; it’s a narrative of the rugged lands of Western and Northern Europe, a window into an era where steel dictated the discourse of kingdoms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Martin Holland (Birmingham, US)
I always love buying from Battling Blades

Every sword I've gotten from Battling Blades (totaling, I think, 7 now) has been beautiful, and their customer service is second to none!

Ian B (Richmond, US)

Quality is better than expected and a really beautiful sword. The Damascus steel has a wonderful look to it too!

Griffin (Columbus, US)

This is one of my favorite swords in my collection. The Damascus steel is beautiful, and the blade is sturdy and well-balanced. The hilt has a smooth and comfortable polished wood grip with a simple cross guard and pommel. At first the long blade was a bit heavy to weild one handed, but became easier to swing over time. Overall a badass sword!

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