Tree of Life Shield- Steel Shield- Viking Shield - Yggdrasil Shield- 24"

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Unearth the power of ancient warriors with our Tree of Life Shield. Inspired by the legendary Viking shields and often referred to as the Yggdrasil Shield, this exquisite piece is a captivating blend of history, myth, and artistry.

The shield measures 24 inches in diameter, a substantial size that resonates with a robust presence. It is crafted from premium 22-gauge steel, providing impressive durability and a distinct metallic sheen. At the center, the steel remains in its natural state, emphasizing authenticity and raw strength.

On its face, this shield is adorned with the Tree of Life motif, a timeless symbol from Norse mythology. Each branch, each leaf of the Yggdrasil, meticulously hand-painted, creates an immersive story of interconnectedness, wisdom, and endurance, turning the shield into not just a piece of armament, but a visual narrative.

For an added layer of sophistication, the shield's edge is beautifully wrapped in premium leather. This not only offers an enhanced grip but also contributes to an old-world aesthetic that speaks volumes of Viking craftsmanship.

At the back of the shield, you will find a sturdy leather handle strap. This functional detail allows you to comfortably hold the shield or hang it on a wall, adding a touch of warrior spirit to your space.

Intricately detailed, historically inspired, and meticulously constructed, our Tree of Life Shield is more than just a piece of armor. It's a testament to the indomitable spirit of the ancient Norsemen, an artifact that bridges the gap between history and the present. Whether you're a collector, a reenactor, a lover of mythology, or simply an admirer of unique, handcrafted items, this Viking Yggdrasil Shield will not fail to captivate.

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Great gift for my shield maiden!

My wife loves the shield, and it pairs perfectly with the sword I got from y'all for her.

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