Take-down Red Wood Bow - Recurve Archery Bow

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Introducing the Take-down Red Wood Bow - Recurve Archery Bow, a masterfully crafted piece of equipment combining elegance, performance, and versatility. This bow promises to enhance your archery experience, whether you're a beginner or an experienced marksman.

The overall length of the bow is 60", offering an excellent balance between power and control. Its design facilitates a smooth draw and promotes precise, long-range shooting, giving you the confidence you need to hit your target.

With a draw length of 30", this bow accommodates a wide range of archers. It ensures a comfortable and efficient draw, promoting a better shooting experience, irrespective of your stature.

The riser, measuring 15" in length, comes in a striking red and black color scheme, standing out in the field. Its generous size ensures improved grip and stability during shooting, promising an enhanced level of control.

The bow's limbs are black, constructed from a resilient blend of laminated wood, fiberglass, and bamboo sheets. This composition guarantees durability and optimal energy transfer for increased arrow speed.

The bowstring, with a length of 145 cm or 57.09", is composed of 16 strands, ensuring a balanced blend of strength and flexibility. This design aspect contributes to the bow's overall performance and longevity.

The adjustable brace height of 18-20 cm or 7.09" - 7.87" strikes a harmonious balance between speed and forgiveness. This design feature ensures efficient energy transfer and a greater margin of error, enhancing your accuracy.

The Take-down Red Wood Bow is designed for right-handed use, with draw weights ranging from 25 to 50 lbs. This flexibility allows you to customize the bow's power based on your personal preference and level of expertise.

In conclusion, the Take-down Red Wood Bow - Recurve Archery Bow offers a captivating blend of visual appeal, versatility, and performance. It empowers archers of all skill levels to confidently engage in the art of archery, enhancing your shooting experience while adding a splash of color to your gear.

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