Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance
Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance
Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance
Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance

Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance

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Included in the Kit

Complete sword and knife cleaning kit in traditional Japanese box.  The kit is originally made for Katana swords but can be used for all high carbon and Damascus steel blades.  The kit includes: 


Uchiko ball

Sword oil

Cleaning cloth

Storage Box

How to Use the Kit

Mekugi-Nuki- Brass mallet: Unscrew the short pin on top of the Mekuginuki, then place the bigger end of the pin on top of the Mekugi and hammer gently. When the Menuki is partially removed, turn the pin and finish the job.  Mekugi (peg) removal tool. A brass hammer or wooden mallet and a punch can also be used.  We do not recommend that steel tools be used that could damage the blade.

Uchiko Ball- Finely ground stone powder (hazuya and jizuya) in a silk ball: The blade should first be wiped with the cleaning cloth to remove the old oil. Uchiko may then be applied in one of two ways. The most common method is to gently tap the Uchiko ball every few inches along the flat of the blade on one side and then the other. The more traditional method is to hold the blade vertically and tap the ball every few inches along the spine. The fine powder particles will be drawn to the blade while the heavier powder particles will fall past the blade. The powder should then removed from the blade with another cloth wiping over the spine from hilt to tip in one direction. Remember, you are simply removing the powder and excess oil at this point – you’re not polishing nor do you want to scratch the blade. Once the powder has been removed the blade may be inspected, and a new light coating of oil may be applied to the blade, using a soft clean cloth or tissue. 

Sword Oil- Use the cleaning cloth to wipe a light coating of oil on the blade.

Sword and Knife Cleaning Kit - Maintenance

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Customer Reviews

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Great Blades

My husband loves these blades. Took a bit longer than expected but he is very happy with the blades and impressed by the craftsmanship put into them.

Nice Little Kit

I have not used the kit yet but after a damaged kit arrived I emailed the shop and they sent a new one right away. The new kit arrived safely and I will give it a try soon. Great customer service.

Very complete kit

The cleaning kit is complete and is perfect for my knives. It makes them as good as new.

Katana Repair and Cleaning Kit

The description says it all. Perfect for fixing my katana.

Perfect for Knife Cleaning and Maintenance

As a chef I need to maintain my knife blades daily. This kit has all the fixings!

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