Rapier Sword- Handmade High Carbon Damascus Steel Zorro/ Fencing -36"
Rapier Sword- Handmade High Carbon Damascus Steel Zorro/ Fencing -36"
Rapier Sword- Handmade High Carbon Damascus Steel Zorro/ Fencing -36"

Rapier Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Zorro/ Fencing -36"

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At Battling Blades, we design and sell exceptional handmade items, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to utilizing premium metals, bone, wood, and leather ensures unparalleled quality in each of our products. Our main products started as swords, axes, machetes, and knives, but we have grown substantially, adding new items including armor, clothing, archery, games, and even musical instruments. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in our masterful craftsmanship and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, forging lasting relationships with our clientele. Experience the artistry and expertise of Battling Blades for yourself.

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Enter the world of 16th and 17th century European combat with our meticulously crafted Rapier Sword. This slender, sharply pointed masterpiece is inspired by the swords once favored by the nobility and military officers of Early Modern Europe.

Unlike typical rapiers, which are only sharpened at the tip, our Rapier Sword boasts sharpness along the entire length of the blade, providing versatility in both thrusting and cutting or slashing actions. Its complex hilt design ensures excellent hand protection, a key characteristic of these elegant weapons.

Our Rapier Sword borrows strategic inspiration from the Roman gladius. Much like these ancient swords, our rapier is designed for one-handed use, leaving your other hand free for a secondary weapon or shield.

Constructed from Pattern Welded Damascus steel, our Rapier Sword offers an optimal balance of hardness and durability, with a Rockwell hardness rating between 55 and 56 HRC. The 11 pieces of steel, folded five times to create 352 layers, results in a blade with extraordinary resilience and a keen edge that can withstand powerful collisions. We've chosen to use 1095 steel - the highest carbon-content steel - for superior strength and flexibility.

The sword's handle is crafted from silver casting, contrasting beautifully against the rich brass bolsters. A high-quality leather sheath accompanies the sword, providing protection and easy transport.

Sword Specifications

  • Handle Material: Silver Casting
  • Overall Length: 36"
  • Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC
  • Number of Layers: 352
  • Sheath: Leather Sheath
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel

Unleash your inner duelist with our Rapier Sword - a perfect blend of historical authenticity, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
jordan leach
The Perfect Groom Gift

I got this for my husband’s groom gift on our wedding day. He LOVED it. It is so beautifully made and just so perfect. Thank you!!

My wife loves it!

I purchased this sword as a gift to commemorate my wife completing her Ph.d. She has refered to it as her favorite possession on multiple occasions! It looks great and engraved it looks awesome for its price.

David Jennings
Really great for the price.

Though I haven't fully tested it, the quality of the steel seems very exceptional. The casting of the handle and guard are pretty much as expected, only a little bit loose. The fine touch up details on the blade were uncompleted which is not surprising for the price point of displayed. It's almost exactly what was expected for this price. Had the tiny details also been taken care of, it would have absolutely earned a five-star review. I am very happy with my purchase. Additionally, if they had offered black leather instead of just brown for the sheath, it might have also been up to earn a five star review.

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