Ninjato Sword- Ninja Sword- 1095 Steel Sword- 30"- Falchion Sword

Ninjato Sword- Ninja Sword- 1095 Steel Sword- 30"- Falchion Sword

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Ninjato Description

Historically, the ninjato sword (also known and Ninja) was one of the Japanese weapons that were used by the ninja of ancient and feudal Japan.  The ninjato is characterized by its distinctive appearance with a straight, single-edged blade, a circular or squared guard, and long two-handed grip.  Western historians have said that ninjato were among the finest cutting weapons in world military history.

Blade Materials 

The sword is made from 1095 steel. 1095 steel is the highest carbon steel commonly used in swords. It has a carbon level of .95% which is one of the highest carbon levels for any type of steel. The most common high carbon swords are 1045 steel which only have .45% carbon content in the steel. 1095 steel is known for its ability to maintain an edge and is an incredibly hard steel. 1095 steel typically has a hardness of 56-58 HRC. The problem with 1095 steel is that it is lacks flexibility. Flexibility is critical to sword making so the sword doesn't break on high impact collisions. To increase the flexibility of this steel, clay tempering is used to soften the steel. The clay is thickly painted on the blade to insulates the parts of the blade that we want softened so they cool more slowly during the quenching process. In this case, the clay is painted everywhere except the edge. This clay tempering process keeps the strong and sharp edge of the blade while allowing the rest of the blade to be more flexible. This process optimizes the strength of the blade and maximizes its sharpness creating an incredible strong blade and sharp edge.

Blade Materials

Overall Length: 30"

Sheath: Wood sheath

Blade Material: 1095 Steel

Tang: Full

Handle: Wood


Ninja Sword- Ninjutsu / Ninjato Sword- 1095 Steel Sword- 30"- Falchion Sword

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eli Rogers
Great Service!

First of all, the sword is perfect. Second, it came very quickly. I think it arrived a day after I ordered. Third, I asked a ton of questions about the production, steel, and business and they answered all of my questions with incredible detail. I am really, really impressed with everything they do!

Incredible Patterning

REally incredible sword. It has an incredible design which is rare for 1095 steel. Wonderful centerpiece for my living room. I also used it to cut a mat and it sliced through like butter.

battle ready!

It is more beautiful than I imagined and very smooth

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