Natural Wood Arrow - Wooden Archery Bow

Natural Wood Arrow - Wooden Archery Bow

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Wooden Arrows

Introducing our Natural Wood Arrow, a beautifully crafted archery accessory designed for both novice and experienced archers. Made from premium, straight-grained wood, each arrow offers a perfect balance of durability and flexibility, ensuring optimal flight performance and accuracy.

The wooden shaft is carefully tapered and sanded for a smooth finish, while the genuine feather fletching offers improved arrow stability and guidance. A durable steel point ensures deep penetration and long-lasting sharpness, making this arrow suitable for various archery activities, from target practice to hunting.

Whether you're using a traditional longbow or a modern recurve bow, our Natural Wood Arrow is the ideal companion for your archery pursuits. Experience the elegance and time-honored craftsmanship of wooden arrows and elevate your archery skills with this classic, reliable accessory.


Style: Natural Wood Arrow - Wooden Archery Bow

The diameter of the arrow shaft is about 7mm (manual measurement)
Length: 42cm
Packing list: 10pcs / lot
Arrow material: rubber soft head
Suitable for wooden bows

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