Medieval Chest Protector- Leather Breastplate

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Medieval Chest Protector- Breastplate

The medieval warrior breastplate is a piece of cuirass medieval armor including the traditional upper chest plate and lower plackart. The plackart stopped at the natural waist, and metal plates, much like a skirt, were attached to the bottom of the plackart. These were called faulds, and protected the hip and the groin. The breastplate protected the upper part of the torso, around the chest. Eventually, especially in Italian armor, it evolved to cover more of the front of the armor, covering nearly the entire breastplate. This form of plackart was later employed by cuirassiers and other armored cavalry of the late 16th and 17th centuries as a reinforcement designed to give added protection against firearms. This breastplate takes the medieval form, encompassing the plackart. This breastplate is made of leather. One size fits most.

One size fits most

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To little

The leather was creased

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