Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 12"
Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 12"
Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 12"

Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 12"

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Marble Chess Set: A Blend of Tradition and Elegance

Immerse yourself in the beauty and intricacy of this handcrafted marble chess set, a perfect blend of ancient artistry and modern craftsmanship.

Key Features

  • Artisanship: Each piece of this chess set is hand-carved from stone, with meticulous attention to detail ensuring the uniqueness of every board. The chess pieces, crafted in the timeless Staunton style, echo the rich heritage of the game.
  • Material & Design: The set boasts a striking combination of black zebra marble and bianco venato white marble. The black zebra marble, in its pure black hue, is interspersed with light quartz and calcite, while the bianco venato showcases delicate grey patterns across its pristine white surface. This blend mirrors the classic aesthetics of Staunton chess sets.
  • Protection: The board and pieces feature felt bottoms, minimizing the risk of scratches and ensuring stability during play.
  • Dimensions: The board spans a width of 12", while the king proudly stands at a height of 3.5".
  • Storage: The set is accompanied by a plush blue velvet box, designed to individually house each chess piece, ensuring their protection and easy storage.

Set Components

  • 12” Marble Board with 64 Square Tiles (32 Black Zebra & 32 White) and a White Border
  • 32 Hand-carved Chess Pieces:
    • King: 2
    • Queen: 2
    • Bishop: 4
    • Knight: 4
    • Rook: 4
    • Pawn: 16
  • Velvet Storage Box

Historical Context: Chess, a game of strategy and intellect, traces its roots to northwest India. The early 6th-century version, known as "chaturaṅga", encompassed four divisions symbolic of infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariotry. As it spread via the Silk Road, the game underwent cultural adaptations and rule modifications. By the late 15th century, the modern version of chess as we recognize it had emerged. The term "checkmate" finds its origin in the Persian phrase "shāh māt," symbolizing the king's defeat.

Marble Chess Set: Dive into a game of strategy with this 12" Black Zebra and White Marble Chess Set - a celebration of art, history, and competition.

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