Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Chess Pieces- Black Border- 12"
Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Chess Pieces- Black Border- 12"
Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Chess Pieces- Black Border- 12"

Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Chess Pieces- Black Border- 12"

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Regal Marble Chess Set – A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Tradition

Embrace the allure of a game woven through centuries with our meticulously crafted Marble Chess Set. This fine ensemble is carved from handpicked black and white marble, presenting a realm where every square tells a unique story, and every piece is a tribute to the timeless Staunton design.

The mesmerizing royal black marble exudes a deep, natural hue, enriched with streaks of light quartz and calcite coursing through, echoing whispers of a rich history. On the other side, the white coral marble stands as a stark contrast with delicate grey and yellow patterning crisscrossing its pristine surface, reminiscent of the classic Staunton chess sets from London. The contrasting marbles intertwine in a dance of elegance on a 12” wide board, framed by a dignified black border, making not just a battlefield for minds, but a centerpiece of aesthetic charm.

The hand-carved chess pieces, honed to perfection, capture the spirit and tradition of the revered Staunton style. Each piece, with a felt-padded bottom, moves gracefully across the board, ensuring the preservation of its pristine surface. Standing at 3” tall, the King piece oversees the realm, waiting to be maneuvered by the next mastermind.

Your chess set arrives cradled in a plush blue velvet case, each piece nestling in individual slots, awaiting the next call to the board.

Your Set Includes

  • A majestic 12” Marble Board with 64 distinct square tiles – 32 in royal black and 32 in white coral
  • A black marble border encasing the battlefield
  • 32 Hand-carved chess pieces:
    • Kings - 2
    • Queens - 2
    • Bishops - 4
    • Knights - 4
    • Rooks - 4
    • Pawns - 16
  • A luxurious blue velvet case for safekeeping of the pieces

Chess: A Legacy Unveiled Originating in northwest India in the 6th century as Chaturanga, chess is a game that traveled through time and territories, evolving with every civilization it touched. From the courts of Persia, through the Silk Road, to the halls of Europe, the essence of check and mate has been a constant, transcending languages and cultures. The term "checkmate" is a testament to this journey, derived from the Persian phrase "shāh māt" meaning "the king is helpless". The rules refined through centuries have culminated in the modern version, a game that continues to captivate hearts and minds.

Take part in this remarkable legacy with our Regal Marble Chess Set – a perfect blend of history, craftsmanship, and elegance. Whether a chess aficionado or a connoisseur of fine art, this chess set is bound to be a cherished addition to your collection.

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