Large Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Fancy Chess Pieces- White Border- 16"
Large Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Fancy Chess Pieces- White Border- 16"
Large Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Fancy Chess Pieces- White Border- 16"

Large Marble Chess Set- Black and White Coral with Fancy Chess Pieces- White Border- 16"

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Majestic Marble Chess Set - A Blend of Tradition and Elegance

Indulge in the ageless game of intellect with our exquisite Marble Chess Set, meticulously handcrafted from premium red and white coral marble. Every stroke of the chisel breathes life into the stone, culminating in a chess board and pieces that are not just functional, but a visual delight. Each square on the board has its unique marbling pattern, making every set distinct, a true embodiment of artistic finesse and craftsmanship.

The chess pieces, carved diligently in the classic Staunton style, stand as timeless symbols of the game's rich heritage. Padded with felt at the base, they glide smoothly across the board, ensuring a scratch-free surface, preserving the pristine beauty of the marble.

The board, with its inviting 16” expanse, boasts of a meticulous white coral marble border that complements the red and white squares, enhancing the elegance of the setup. The regal King piece, standing at 3.5” tall, along with its court, radiates a sophisticated charm that echoes the eloquence of traditional chess sets.

Your set comes nestled in a plush blue velvet case, designed to cradle each piece in a soft embrace, ensuring their safekeeping. It's not just a chess set, but a vessel of historical and aesthetic essence, a tribute to the game's illustrious past.

Included in Your Set


  • A splendid 16” Marble Board with 64 squares - 32 black and 32 white, framed by a white coral marble border
  • A complete set of 32 hand-carved chess pieces:
    • Kings - 2
    • Queens - 2
    • Bishops - 4
    • Knights - 4
    • Rooks - 4
    • Pawns - 16
  • An elegant blue velvet box to house your chess pieces

Chess: A Journey Through Time Tracing back to the 6th-century Indian game of Chaturanga, which encapsulated the essence of infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariotry into pawn, knight, bishop, and rook, chess is a game that has transcended geographical and cultural borders. It followed the Silk Road, eventually reaching the far corners of Europe and the Middle East, evolving with each culture it touched, growing into the modern version we know and love today. The term "checkmate" itself, a core essence of the game, has its roots in Persian "shāh māt," translating to "the king is helpless."

Elevate your chess-playing experience with our Majestic Marble Chess Set, which is not merely a game set, but a voyage through the annals of history, a meld of tradition, and ornate elegance. Experience chess not just as a game, but as a journey through time and artistry with each move you make on this glorious marble ensemble.

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