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King's Sword Bundle Overview

Journey back in time and experience the regality of the medieval era with the King's Sword Bundle. This offering is a fusion of superior craftsmanship, history, and functionality, designed for the discerning enthusiast who reveres both artistry and heritage.

1. Damascus Steel King's Sword

  • Era's Testament: The Longsword, emblematic of chivalry and martial excellence, encapsulates the valor and prowess of the medieval knights. With its distinctive cruciform hilt and two-handed grip, it dominated battlefields between 1350 and 1550.
  • Specifications:
    • Blade: Immaculately forged from pattern-welded Damascus steel with a mesmerizing 352-layer pattern.
    • Handle: Robust steel coupled with brass bolsters ensures a commanding grip.
    • Length: A formidable 46 inches.
    • Sheath: Exquisite handcrafted leather to guard the blade.
    • Blade Composition: Crafted through a meticulous layering of carbon steel and high-carbon 1095 steel.

2. Cleaning Kit Encased in a traditional Japanese box, this kit is the key to preserving your sword's majesty. Contents include:

  • Mekugi-Nuki: For peg removal without damage.
  • Uchiko Ball: Ground stone powder to cleanse and protect.
  • Sword Oil: To maintain the blade's sheen.
  • Cleaning Cloth: A gentle touch for your blade.
  • Storage Box: An elegant solution for safekeeping.

3. Sword Sharpener Maintain your sword's lethal edge with a premium white corundum sharpener. Key features include:

  • High Heat Treatment: Ensuring hardness and durability.
  • Dual Grit: 6000/1000# for precision sharpening.
  • Design: Heavy with a non-slip bamboo base. Accompanied by a scraper for post-sharpening cleanup.

4. Sword Stand Let your Longsword be the centerpiece of any room with a sophisticated black stand tailored for a singular sword display.

Final Word The King's Sword Bundle is a confluence of historical grandeur and unparalleled craftsmanship. For those enamored by the tales of brave knights and epic battles, this bundle promises a piece of that illustrious history, manifested in steel and leather. Whether you're a collector, history buff, or someone who simply appreciates exquisite craftsmanship, the King's Sword Bundle offers an experience that transcends time.

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