Katana Bundle- 1095 Steel Katana- Maintenance Kit- Sword Sharpener- Sword Stand

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Unleash your inner Samurai with our exclusive Deluxe Katana Bundle. This comprehensive kit includes not only a remarkable 1095 steel Katana, but also the necessary tools to maintain and display your exquisite weapon.

1095 Steel Katana Sword

Crafted with precision and care, this Katana is a testament to the timeless Samurai tradition. With a total length of 40.5", this full-tang Katana features a blade forged from 1095 steel, renowned for its toughness and edge retention. The blade, hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 HRC, effortlessly balances durability with sharpness. The sword is complemented by a sturdy, naturally finished wood handle, and comes with a beautifully designed wooden sheath to protect your blade.

Traditional Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Keep your Katana in prime condition with our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance kit. Housed in a traditional Japanese box, this kit is versatile enough for use on all high carbon and Damascus steel blades. The kit includes:

  • Mekugi-nuki: Used for safely removing the Mekugi, or peg.
  • Uchiko Ball: Silk ball filled with finely ground stone powder for cleaning.
  • Sword Oil: For maintaining the lustre and longevity of your blade.
  • Cleaning Cloth: To wipe away any dust or residue.
  • Storage Box: For keeping your cleaning tools organized and secure.

Each item in the kit is carefully explained in an included guide to ensure your Katana remains in optimal condition.

Sword Sharpener

This high-quality sword sharpener is essential for keeping your blade razor-sharp. Made from white corundum stone, this heatproof and wear-resistant sharpener is perfect for regular use. With a 6000/1000# double-sided grit, it's suitable for both rough grinding and fine honing. A handy bamboo base with a rubber bottom ensures the sharpener stays firmly in place during use.

Dimensions:"(LWH) Net Weight: 0.89kg/31oz

Sword Stand

Showcase your Katana with our elegant black single-sword stand. This stand not only provides a safe and secure place for your Katana, but also displays it in all its glory.

Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or an admirer of beautifully crafted weapons, our Deluxe Katana Bundle is the ideal package for you. Each piece in this set is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds: a top-tier 1095 steel Katana and everything you need to care for it. Bring home a piece of Samurai tradition today!

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Customer Reviews

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Adrian Walker (Buena Vista, US)
Katana Bundle

Where do I begin, I purchased this Katana for myself hoping that it would be a bit better than all of the other ones I have destroyed before due to their lack of stress and strength endurance. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.
This was the real deal. This Katana is not a toy that you give your kids to go play in the yard with, they will chop off their own legs. It's a whole different story, it's made for battle and work, nothing more, nothing less. From the hand wrapped pommel, too the hand sharpened blade, this is a great defensive and offensive weapon that you can put on the stand that comes with it, or practice your skills with it and keep the Katana in good condition with the blade care box that comes with it as well. It also has a great sharpening stone and a wheat stone that will help keep it sharp.
I looked up how to use the things that came with it so I didn't damage the blade. The price is very low for what you are getting, I have not seen a good blade like this for the price range, not to mention the stand or the sharpening system and even your initials on the scabbard. If you are looking for a Katana, this will definitely be in your top three, if not your top one.

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