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Introducing our top-of-the-line polearm: The halberd! This close combat spear is the perfect addition to any warrior's arsenal. The halberd's fighting part is affixed to the end of a long shaft. This extends the user's range and striking power, making it the ideal choice for those seeking increased leverage and maximum force against armored opponents.

Originally adapted from agricultural implements, polearms like the halberd were cheap to produce and readily available. This made them the favored weapon of peasants on the battlefield. Versitility was the key to the hallberds success. Halberds had several different styles making it possible for fighters to fashion them at home from instruments on farms or other items that were readily available. One common feature of the halberd is the hook. The hook on the halberd can also be used for pulling and grappling tactics.

Polearms can be divided into three categories. The first is designed for extended reach and thrusting tactics. The second, to increase leverage to maximize force to penetrate armor. Third were those designed for throwing. The halberd falls into the first category as it was designed to increase leverage and maximize angular force against cavalry. There are several other types of polearms. These include, but are not limited to bills, spears, glaives, guandaos, pudaos, poleaxes, halberds, harpoons, sovnyas, tridents, naginatas, war scythes, and javelins.

Designed to disable and inflict crushing injuries upon knights, it was the perfect choice for medieval foot-soldiers engaged in close combat. Due to this, these soldiers typically had a disadvantage, evened out by the halberd. With its high effectiveness and low cost, the halberd became the mainstay of European foot-soldiers on the battlefield. Polearms like the halberd were frequently used and experimented on, leading to the creation of many variants like the bills, picks, and spears. Join the ranks of history's greatest warriors and add the halberd to your collection today!  


Handle Material: Metal
Overall Length: 84"
Width: 10"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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