Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 22"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword

Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 22"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword

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Gladius Description

Gladius swords were used to describe the primary sword of Ancient Roman foot soldiers. Gladius is Latin for sword. Early ancient Roman swords were similar to those of the Greeks. From the 3rd century BC, the Romans adopted swords similar to those used by the Celtiberians. The also adopted various versions of the sword during their conquest of Hispania. These swords were known as the gladius hispaniensis, or Hispanic Sword. Conventionally, soldiers threw javelins to disable the enemy's shields and disrupt formations before engaging in close combat where the primary weapon was the gladius sword. A soldier generally led with the shield and thrust with the sword. All gladius types appear to have been suitable for cutting and chopping as well as thrusting.

Blade Material

The gladius sword is made from Pattern welded Damascus steel.  Pattern welded Damascus steel is a hard heat treated, folded carbon steel.  There are 11 pieces of steel, folded five times, making 352 layers.  The steel is the perfect combination of hardness and durability with a Rockwell hardness rating between 55 and 56 HRC.  High carbon damascus steel must contain layers of high carbon steel.  The high carbon steel we use is 1095 steel which is the highest content carbon steel used in swords.  The combination of the steel layers creates a sword that is strong enough to hold a powerful edge while having the strength and flexibility to withstand powerful collisions.  This makes the perfect steel for swords.  The handle is micarta with brass bolsters.  It comes with a leather sheath.  

Sword Details

Handle Material: Micarta with Brass Bolsters

Overall Length: 22

Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC

Number of layers:  352

Sheath: Leather sheath

Blade Material: Damascus steel

          6 Pieces of Carbon Steel #43 and #40

          5 Pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095

          1st Fold- 11x2=22 Layers

          2nd Fold- 22*2=44 Layers

          3rd Fold- 44*2=88 Layers

          4th Fold- 88*2=176 Layers

          5th Fold- 176*2=352 Layers

Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 22"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword

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Customer Reviews

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22” Gladius

Blade is quality steal. I did several test on the blade and found no rolling or chipping on the edges. A very fine balance in this sword, making the sword feel lighter in your hands than it actually is. Only thing I didn’t like is the mic arts grip should bulge (be more rounded) more towards the center of the grip. I found that when striking with the sword it rolls in your hand causing your wrist to tweak a bit. A swords grip is just as important as the blade.

Strength and beauty

This is well-made you can feel it when you hold it. It's also beautiful to just look at. I'm sure the Roman Gladius was a bit longer, but other than that I'm very satisfied.

Fantastic blade

I highly recommend these guys for the swords they make, I'll definitely come to these guys again for my next sword

Great Blade

I am currently going through my own phases of getting used to different handles. I enjoy both the swords that I have purchased. Very underrated work and useful hardware.

Gladius hispaniensis

Incredible blade quality

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