Viking Helmet- Steel- Gjermundbu- Viking Age, Vendel Helmet

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Step back in time to an era of seafaring warriors, where tales of valor and exploration defined a civilization. Introducing the Gjermundbu Viking Helmet, a piece that captures the essence of 10th-century Viking history and craftsmanship.


  1. Origin & Authenticity: Hailing from the heart of central Norway, this helmet brings to life the legacy of the Viking age. It is a replica of the renowned Gjermundbu helmet, the only fully reconstructable Viking helmet discovered to date.

  2. Design & Protection: The round cap of the helmet is meticulously crafted to protect a warrior's head. An added mail aventail ensures that the neck remains shielded in the heat of battle. The helmet also features a spectacle guard that encircles the eyes and nose, creating an imposing mask to deter adversaries.

  3. Vendel Period Echoes: With its unique design, the Gjermundbu helmet beautifully resonates with the Vendel period helmets, capturing the evolution of helmet craftsmanship over the ages.

  4. A Dive into History: While metal helmets are iconic representations of Viking warriors, archaeological findings suggest that most Viking helmets might have been crafted from leather. The idea of metal horned helmets, popularized by 19th-century operas, remains a myth. The Vikings never used them in battle but might have used them in ceremonies much earlier in history.

  5. Universal Fit: Embracing the "one size fits most" approach, this helmet ensures a comfortable fit for various head sizes, allowing many to experience a touch of Viking history.

Rediscover the Viking Spirit

The Gjermundbu Viking Helmet is not just a piece of armor; it's a portal to the past. Whether you're a history enthusiast, reenactor, or simply curious about the legendary Norse warriors, this helmet offers a tangible link to their world. Wear it and let the echoes of ancient sagas and battles guide you.

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