Civil War Sword- Model 1840- M1840- 1095 Steel

Civil War Sword- Model 1840- M1840- 1095 Steel

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Cavalry Sword Description

The cavalry sword is a type of backsword encompass a wide variety of swords. Some define it as a type of broadsword, while others believe it is a type of sabre. Some backswords have blades similar to a sabre, curved and pointed, while others have straight, blunt blades with basket hilts. The only commonality is that all backswords have single edged blades. Backswords became popular with infantry due to their ease and low cost of production. In the beginning of the 17th century, backswords were the secondary weapon of European cavalry and had a straight, slim blade with a blunted tip. By the 18th century, most backswords were considered to be of this style. Due to the range in styles, backswords can range in weight and length. 

Model 1840 (M1840)

The Model 1840 (M1840) Cavalry Saber was based on the 1822 French hussar's sabre. The M1840 has a ridge around its quillon and a flat, slotted throat. It measures 42” long in total. The M1840 was designed for slashing. Due to its heavy flat-backed blade was given the nickname "Old Wristbreaker." The M1840 was primarily used during the Mexican–American War by US Cavalry. The main contractors were Ames of Cabotville, Horstmann, and Tiffany but due to the large number of swords required at least 1,000 were made in Germany by S&K. When production ceased in 1858 about 23,700 had been made. It continued to be issued to Union Cavalry during the beginning of the US Civil War. 

Blade Materials

This rapier sword is made from 1095 steel which accurately matches the very hard steel content of ancient rapier swords. Currently, 1095 steel is the highest carbon steel commonly used in swords. It has a carbon level of .95% which is one of the highest carbon levels for any type of steel. The most common high carbon swords are 1045 steel which only have .45% carbon content in the steel. 1095 steel is known for its ability to maintain an edge and is an incredibly hard steel. 1095 steel typically has a hardness of 56-58 HRC. While lacking flexibility, the steel excels at remaining sharp even through high impact collisions and can easily be resharpened.


Sword Details

Handle Material: 1095 Steel

Overall Length: 38"

Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC

Sheath: Leather sheath

Blade Material: 1095 Steel

Civil War Sword- Model 1840- M1840- 1095 Steel

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Civil War Sword- Model 1840- M1840- 1095 Steel

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