Han Jian Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 30"-  Blade
Han Jian Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 30"-  Blade
Han Jian Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 30"-  Blade

Han Jian Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 30"- Blade

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Han Jian Sword Description

The Chinese Han Jian Blade is a double-edged straight sword stemming from the Han dynasty. These differ from the second common Chinese style sword call the Dao sword which are curved blade swords from the Song dynasty forward. The jian sword is similar to the European longsword while the dao can be compared to a saber or a knife. Originally, jian swords were made of bronze and first appeared during the mid-third century BC. During the late Warring State period, the material of the sword was switched to wrought iron and steel and adopted its modern look. The jian sword was primarily used by a class of swordsmen who made their living through fencing. Sword fencing was also a popular pastime for aristocrats. A 37-chapter manual known as the Way of the Jian is known to have existed but has since been lost. Outside of China, Chinese swords were also used in Japan from the third to sixth century AD but were replaced with Korean and native Japanese swords by the middle Heian era. Other than specialized weapons like the Divided Dao, Chinese swords are typically between 27 and 43 inches in length. This sword is 30” in length.

Blade Material

The knife is made from 1095 steel. 1095 steel is the highest carbon steel commonly used in swords. It has a carbon level of .95% which is one of the highest carbon levels for any type of steel. The most common high carbon swords are 1045 steel which only have .45% carbon content in the steel. 1095 steel is known for its ability to maintain an edge and is an incredibly hard steel. 1095 steel typically has a hardness of 56-58 HRC. Mixing 1095 steel with softer steels creates a perfect hardness and flexibility in the steel.

Sword Details

Handle Material: Wood with Brass Bolsters
Overall Length: 30"
Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC
Sheath: Wood sheath
Blade Material: 1095 steel

Chinese Han Jian Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 30"-  Sword

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