Celtic Sword- Anthropomorphic Sword - Damascus Steel - 28"
Celtic Sword- Anthropomorphic Sword - Damascus Steel - 28"
Celtic Sword- Anthropomorphic Sword - Damascus Steel - 28"

Celtic Sword- Anthropomorphic Sword - Damascus Steel - 28"

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At Battling Blades, we design and sell exceptional handmade items, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to utilizing premium metals, bone, wood, and leather ensures unparalleled quality in each of our products. Our main products started as swords, axes, machetes, and knives, but we have grown substantially, adding new items including armor, clothing, archery, games, and even musical instruments. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in our masterful craftsmanship and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, forging lasting relationships with our clientele. Experience the artistry and expertise of Battling Blades for yourself.

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Celtic Sword- Anthropomorphic Sword - Damascus Steel - 28"

Experience the mystique of the Celts with this masterfully crafted 28" Celtic Sword. A true symbol of ancient prowess, this sword draws inspiration from the rich history of Celtic warfare, where it reigned from the 8th century B.C.E. through the Iron Age. Initially comparable to bronze in strength, the advent of carbon hardening marked a monumental leap in swordsmithing. Embracing this evolution, our blade proudly features the renowned pattern-welding technique, showcasing an exquisite blend of art and warcraft.

The blade, a stunning array of 352 layers, is the result of meticulous folding and forge-welding, with 11 initial layers of alternating high carbon and low carbon steels quintuple-folded to achieve an unparalleled balance of hardness and resilience. The core comprises 1095 steel—the epitome of high-carbon content—ensuring a cutting edge that remains sharp and true. This labor-intensive process results in a blade that celebrates the tradition of the ancients, boasting a Rockwell hardness rating of 55-56 HRC, reflecting its readiness for both display and engagement.

Echoing the anthropomorphic designs of yore, the hilt invites the wielder to grasp history with its elegant wooden construction, adorned with brass bolsters for a regal touch. The sword's pommel pays homage to the 2nd-century trend of ring-shaped designs, exuding historical authenticity and grandeur.

This sword is more than a weapon; it's a bridge to the past, encapsulating the transition from bronze to iron that gave rise to the iconic Celtic sword. It's a predecessor not just in form but also in spirit to the renowned Greek xiphos and the Roman gladius.

Included with this fine weapon is a durable leather sheath, providing a protective home for your blade when not in use or on display.


  • Handle Material: Exquisite wood with ornate brass bolsters
  • Overall Length: A commanding 28 inches
  • Blade Material: Finely crafted Damascus steel, with an intricate 352-layer pattern
  • Hardness: Rockwell 55-56 HRC, for enduring sharpness and reliability
  • Sheath: Custom-fitted leather for secure storage and transport

With this Celtic Sword, you're not just acquiring a blade but inheriting a piece of history—each swing, a whisper of ancient Celtic warriors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
RETLTC14 (Mount Juliet, US)
Ancient swords are Awesome!

This anthropomorphic sword is well balanced, came very sharp, solid and looks great on my display rack. This style is unlike any other edged weapon I own, and one of my favorites now.

Nancy Harcar (City of Saint Peters, US)
A beautiful sword with excellent craftsmanship!

I am really pleased with this sword. The marbling of the Damascus steel blade is just amazing.

Lewis Busbee (Midland, US)
Very happy

Strong and heavy blade, love it

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