Cavalry Sabre Sword- 1095 Steel High Carbon -38" - Saber- Backsword

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38" Cavalry Sabre – The Blade of Gallant Horsemen

Historical Overview: Originating from the word "sable," a French term from 1670, the sabre (or "saber") has carved its place into the annals of military history. Influenced by the Persian shamshir, this single-edged backsword boasts a distinct curved blade design. It quickly gained prominence, especially among cavalry units, thanks to its versatility – it was adept at both cutting and thrusting, with an emphasis on the former. Given its efficient design, it's no surprise that by the 19th century, the majority of European swords were modeled after the sabre. Moreover, its influence permeated beyond the battlefield – the sabre became a favored weapon for dueling and academic fencing. This tradition has since evolved into the modern Olympic Sabre fencing, which uniquely allows both cuts and thrusts.

Blade Craftsmanship:

  • Material: Crafted from 1095 steel, this sabre mirrors the durability and sharpness of ancient rapier swords. With a carbon content of .95%, it stands out as one of the highest carbon steels in sword crafting. For comparison, the commonly used 1045 steel contains just .45% carbon.
  • Durability & Sharpness: The steel's hardness, ranging between 56-58 HRC, ensures its exceptional ability to retain an edge. While it might not match the flexibility of other metals, 1095 steel's strength lies in its unparalleled sharpness and resistance to wear during combat. Furthermore, it can be sharpened easily, guaranteeing longevity.

Sword Specifications:

  • Handle: Made from the robust 1095 steel, ensuring a sturdy grip that complements the blade.
  • Length: A formidable 38" from hilt to tip, the length promises reach and efficiency in strikes.
  • Sheath: A protective leather sheath, combining functionality with classic aesthetics.
  • Blade Material: Premium 1095 Steel, offering superior sharpness and durability.

Conclusion: The 38" Cavalry Sabre is more than just a sword – it's a testament to centuries of military strategy, valor, and the evolution of combat. Crafted with precision using 1095 high carbon steel, this blade is not only historically accurate but also ensures unmatched sharpness and durability. Whether you're an aficionado of military history, a sword collector, or a practitioner of the martial arts, this Cavalry Sabre promises to be an outstanding addition to your collection. Embrace the legacy of gallant horsemen and the prowess of the saber with this exquisite backsword.

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Harold Lewis (Dayton, US)
Sabre sensation.

Very happy with blade comes sharpened and balanced over all well made and steady

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