Bowie Knife- Outdoors- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Hunting Knife - 12"
Bowie Knife- Outdoors- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Hunting Knife - 12"

Bowie Knife- Outdoors- High Carbon Damascus Steel Blade- Hunting Knife - 12"

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The Bowie Knife: An Icon of American Craftsmanship

The Bowie knife, with its origins in the early 19th century, is a quintessential piece of American history, as much a part of the frontier spirit as the legendary figure it's named after, Jim Bowie. Known for its distinctive design that combines practicality with rugged beauty, the Bowie knife remains a favorite among collectors and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Bowie Knife Characteristics:

  • Blade Size: Modern Bowie knives typically have a blade length ranging from 6 to 12 inches, offering versatility for various tasks from skinning game to general camp use.
  • Design: The hallmark clip point blade allows for precision work, while the thick spine provides heft and durability for heavier tasks. A crossguard protects the hand, and the balanced weight makes it comfortable to wield.
  • Usage: While it excels as a hunting knife, its size and strength make it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. The design elements facilitate both the detailed work of skinning and the more brute force required for butchering.

Craftsmanship of the Blade:

  • Damascus Steel: The use of pattern-welded Damascus steel imbues each knife with unique patterns, no two blades are exactly alike, reflecting the individual character of each knife.
  • Layers and Folding: With 352 layers, created by folding 11 pieces of steel five times, this technique echoes the ancient sword-making practices, offering strength and a fine edge.
  • Rockwell Hardness: The blade’s hardness rating of 55-56 HRC indicates a good balance between edge retention and toughness.

Handle and Accoutrements:

  • Handle Material: The use of buffalo bone with brass bolsters gives the knife a classic, timeless look, and ensures a comfortable grip.
  • Sheath: A leather sheath complements the knife, not only providing protection for the blade but also adding a touch of elegance to the overall presentation.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Overall Length: At 12 inches, the knife is long enough to handle challenging tasks while still being manageable in size.
  • Steel Composition: The combination of different types of carbon steel (#43, #40, and high carbon 1095) contributes to the blade's performance, enhancing its sharpness and resilience.


The Bowie Knife is more than just a tool; it is a legacy crafted into steel, carrying the stories of the untamed wilderness and the determination of those who tamed it. This high carbon Damascus steel blade is a true embodiment of traditional craftsmanship and rugged functionality, making it an invaluable companion for the outdoorsman and a treasured heirloom for the collector.

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Customer Reviews

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Courtney (Gaylord, US)
Amazing quality and customer service!!

I recently moved and had an issue receiving my package! Battle blades worked with me and everything was corrected!! They responded to my emails right away! My hubby loves his new blade!! It's fantastic!

Joshalyn Gaiter (Pittsburgh, US)
Very happy

I got this blade for my boyfriend as a gift. He fell in love with this. The packaging and quick shipment was amazing. He is very happy with this blade

Lewis Lester (Derry, US)
Highly recommend

Spectacular quality and beautiful craftsmanship!

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