Falchion Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 37.5"- Curved Sword

Falchion Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 37.5"- Curved Sword
Falchion Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 37.5"- Curved Sword

Falchion Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword- 37.5"- Curved Sword

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Falchion Description

Falchion swords varied widely in style across continent and throughout time. Falchion swords were commonly regarded as the most expensive sword of their era. Commonly falchions are shaped very much like a large meat cleaver. This style originates from the 13th and 14th centuries. The majority of the depictions in art reflect a design similar to that of the großes Messer. This blade style was influenced by the Turko-Mongol sabers that had reached the borders of Europe by the 13th century.

Blade Materials

1095 steel which accurately matches the very hard steel content of ancient katana swords. Currently, 1095 steel is the highest carbon steel commonly used in swords. It has a carbon level of .95% which is one of the highest carbon levels for any type of steel. The most common high carbon swords are 1045 steel which only have .45% carbon content in the steel. 1095 steel is known for its ability to maintain an edge and is an incredibly hard steel. 1095 steel typically has a hardness of 56-58 HRC. While lacking flexibility, the steel excels at remaining sharp even through high impact collisions.

Sword Details

Overall Length: 37.5"

Blade Material: 1095 Steel

Handle Material: Wood with Brass Bolsters

Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC

Falchion Sword- Damascus Steel Sword- 37.5"- Curved Sword

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Customer Reviews

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Luke Holtorf
Dope af

I was just chillin one day, and got that masculine urge “Damn, I want a sword” so I looked some stuff up learned about them and everything, and then started shopping. Ordered this thing and it arrived like a week and a half later. Real piece of art, beautiful stuff, no warping (I think that’s the term) nice almost brushed silver lookin hilt, very shiny and reflective steel blade. It did come with a sheathe, we’ll made brown leather. Thick, seeming good quality, but the fit is kinda poor, perhaps with use it’ll get better. My singular complaint is that the request I made with my order wasn’t fulfilled. I’d requested that when they make the blade (as far as I know these things are made to order) they don’t engrave the blade and instead of the flowing engraving on the handle, the etch in a diamond pattern for grip… it came as shown in the photo. Not a huge deal, as the whole sword is still beautiful, but of note to buyers who want their blade to look a certain way.

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