Javelin- Short Spear- High Carbon Damascus Steel- Iklwa
Javelin- Short Spear- High Carbon Damascus Steel- Iklwa
Javelin- Short Spear- High Carbon Damascus Steel- Iklwa

Javelin- Short Spear- High Carbon Damascus Steel- Iklwa

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Javelin Description

The Javelin, a short spear, is a one handed weapon used for throwing. The javelin is one of the oldest weapons dating back more than 400,000 years. Traditionally used in hunting, the javelin was adapted as a weapon of war in ancient Egypt. This spear had a variety of functions in European armies. This spear was adapted by the Zulu in Africa which created the fabled Zulu Iklwa spear used by Shaka, the legendary Zulu leader who use a short spear for stabbing. In Norse mythodolgy, Odin, father of Thor, carried a javelin known as Gungnir. This spear is 36” long and comes with a leather sheath.

Blade Material

The scimitar sword is made from Pattern welded Damascus steel. Pattern welded Damascus steel scimitar is a hard heat treated, folded carbon steel. There are 11 pieces of steel, folded five times, making 352 layers. The steel is the perfect combination of hardness and durability with a Rockwell hardness rating between 55 and 56 HRC. High carbon damascus steel must contain layers of high carbon steel. The high carbon steel we use is 1095 steel which is the highest content carbon steel used in swords. The combination of the steel layers creates a sword that is strong enough to hold a powerful edge while having the strength and flexibility to withstand powerful collisions. This makes the perfect steel for swords. The handle is bone and horn with Damascus steel bolsters. It comes with a leather sheath.

Sword Description

Handle Material: Wood
Overall Length: 36"
Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC
Number of layers: 352
Sheath: Leather sheath
Blade Material: Damascus steel
6 Pieces of Carbon Steel #43 and #40
5 Pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095
1st Fold- 11x2=22 Layers
2nd Fold- 22*2=44 Layers
3rd Fold- 44*2=88 Layers
4th Fold- 88*2=176 Layers
5th Fold- 176*2=352 Layers

Javelin- Short Spear- High Carbon Damascus Steel- Iklwa

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Howard Toy

Have looked at acquiring for a year
It's fun....light, well made, a value for the price
The sheath is even quality
A great buy

Ron Torres
Even though

This is a pretty sick piece of art. Really nice blade even though it is not battle ready. I really wish I had an option to order one battle ready.

Timothy Swords

Fantastic piece

Ronald Torres
Piece of art.

Definitely 5 stars worth every penny beautiful piece of artwork.

Michelle F
Amazing product

Never used this site before, ordered a present for my husband, excellent customer service, high quality product. He absolutely loved it. Was very happy with this company. Would definitely buy again!

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