Double Axe- Labrys- Double-Bit Axe- High Carbon 1095 Steel- Mythical Amazons Axe
Double Axe- Labrys- Double-Bit Axe- High Carbon 1095 Steel- Mythical Amazons Axe

Double Axe- Labrys- Double-Bit Axe- High Carbon 1095 Steel- Mythical Amazons Axe

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Unravel the lore of the double-bladed axe, famously recognized as the Labrys. Historically rooted in diverse civilizations across the globe, the double axe carries with it an amalgamation of legend, utility, and symbolic significance.

Historical Significance: While in regions like Crete and the larger part of Greece, the Labrys was not wielded as a weapon but instead revered as a symbol of feminine divinities, in stark contrast, other cultures viewed it as a representation of male thunder. Infamously linked to the Amazonian women of myth, the double axe also carved a niche for itself in the ancient Thracian Odrysian kingdom, representing both royal dominion and religious sanctity. It’s believed to have been an emblem of Zalmoxis, the god of thunder. Coins from Thrace still bear the image of the double axe, symbolizing the might of the kings.

Modern times have seen the axe evolve into a tool for North American forestry, with one side being honed sharp for cutting down trees and the opposite side blunt, optimized for debranching them. The legacy of the double-bit axe lives on in competitions that have found enthusiastic participants across Europe.

Craftsmanship and Composition

  • Blade: The axe boasts a blade composed of 1095 steel, renowned for its high carbon content and unmatched hardness. Such steel is famed for retaining sharpness, with the high carbon concentration (0.95%) lending it superior strength as compared to the 1045 steel variant that contains just 0.45% carbon. Given its inherent hardness of 56-58 HRC, 1095 steel is further subjected to clay tempering. This technique involves applying a thick layer of clay across the blade, except for its edge, and then quenching it. This ensures that while the edge retains its sharpness, the rest of the blade gains flexibility, making it resilient against strong impacts.

  • Handle: Crafted from durable wood, the handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip, enhancing the axe’s functionality.

  • Sheath: Accompanying the axe is a leather sheath, guaranteeing protection from the elements and facilitating ease of transportation.


  • Handle: Premium Wood
  • Length: A formidable 31"
  • Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC
  • Sheath: Finest Leather
  • Blade Composition: 1095 Steel

The Double Axe - Labrys - not only stands as a tribute to the legends of yore but also underscores the blend of practicality and artistry that has spanned generations. Whether you're a historian, an enthusiast, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this Labrys is bound to hold a special place in your collection.

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Morgan Harris (Meridian, US)
Beautiful craftsmanship!

Solid construction clean and sharp edges. Definitely a solid buy!

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