Claymore Sword- Damascus Steel- 29"

Claymore Sword- Damascus Steel- 29"

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Experience the power of historical weaponry with our Claymore Sword. Originating from Scotland and Gaelic regions, the Claymore enjoyed popularity from the 15th to 17th centuries. This broadsword comes in two distinct styles. The first variant, similar to the classic European bastard or longsword, features a two-handed grip with an optional basket hilt—akin to the rapier's hilt but designed to accommodate both hands. The second type sports a distinctive forward-sloping or V-shaped hilt. The term "Claymore" came into use in 18th century Scotland to describe basket-hilted swords. Following the Acts of Union in 1707, when Scottish and English armies united, the Claymore became a Highland symbol of strength and prowess, used by Scottish regiments well into the 19th century.

Blade Construction

Our Claymore Sword is meticulously crafted from pattern-welded Damascus steel, renowned for its heat-treated, folded carbon steel properties. The blade consists of 11 pieces of steel, folded five times to create a robust 352 layers. The resulting steel provides an ideal balance of hardness and durability, with a Rockwell hardness rating of 55-56 HRC. Our high carbon Damascus steel incorporates layers of high carbon steel, specifically 1095 steel, the highest carbon-content steel used in swords. This combination of steel layers forms a blade that can hold a potent edge and withstand powerful impacts. The handle, constructed from wood, is adorned with Damascus steel bolsters. The sword comes with a protective leather sheath.

Sword Specifications

  • Handle Material: Wood with Damascus Steel Bolsters
  • Overall Length: 29 inches
  • Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC
  • Number of Steel Layers: 352
  • Sheath Material: Genuine leather
  • Blade Material: Damascus steel, featuring:
    • 6 Pieces of Carbon Steel #43 and #40
    • 5 Pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095
  • Layering Pattern:
    • 1st Fold: 22 Layers
    • 2nd Fold: 44 Layers
    • 3rd Fold: 88 Layers
    • 4th Fold: 176 Layers
    • 5th Fold: 352 Layers

Our Claymore Sword is a high carbon Damascus steel testament to the historical might of the Scottish Highlanders, blending superior strength and craftsmanship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris Michaels
Super Sharp and Sturdy

Incredible craftsmanship! The blade was razor sharp and beautiful. Slices through just about anything I have touched it with.

Claymore 29 "

Absolutely amazing !! Great craftsmanship. Bought it as a gift and the recipient was very happy !!

Dennis Flynn

Nice sword for the money. The blade had a slight twist (it's hand made), but is sharp and appeared to be heat treated as advertised. It's a handy size and has pretty good balence. The cross guard and metal ring between the grip was loose and required the application of some epoxy. All in all I'm happy with it.

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