Scimitar Sword/ Saber - High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 19"- Sabre Sword

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Embark on a journey through history with this exquisite Scimitar Sword, an embodiment of the rich martial traditions of the Middle East. With a design that echoes through the ages, the scimitar is a type of sabre known for its distinctive, deeply curved blade, which was carried by the warriors and horsemen of the region. It is a symbol of the swift and agile combat style that the curved sword enables, favoring slashing over thrusting due to its unique blade geometry.

This particular Scimitar Sword boasts a 19-inch blade, a size that suggests it was designed for swift, close-quarters combat, or possibly even as a ceremonial piece. Its curve is not just for aesthetics; it amplifies the cutting power by increasing the blade’s angle of impact. The design lineage of this blade can be traced back to the light cavalry sabres, which evolved in military use from Europe to the Hussars and beyond, eventually influencing even the infantry swords of the 17th century.

The choice of Pattern welded Damascus steel for the blade ensures that this scimitar is not just a decorative item but a functional piece of weaponry. Damascus steel, renowned for its strength, durability, and the distinctive patterns that ripple across its surface, was created through a labor-intensive process of folding and forging, represented here in its 352 layers. The Rockwell hardness of 55 to 56 HRC indicates a high-quality blade that can sustain the rigors of combat while maintaining a sharp edge.

The handle of the sword is fashioned from black horn, providing a sturdy grip that complements the overall design aesthetic. The choice of material also adds a touch of traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that each sword is unique.

Completing the ensemble is a leather sheath that not only protects the blade but also provides ease of carry and a nod to the historical context of these weapons, which would have been at a warrior’s side at all times.


  • Overall Length: A versatile 19 inches, indicative of a combat or ceremonial use
  • Blade Material: High carbon Damascus steel, signifying a blade built for both beauty and functionality
  • Hardness: A robust Rockwell rating of 55-56 HRC
  • Handle: Crafted from black horn, offering both strength and a classic aesthetic
  • Sheath: Durable leather for protection and transportability

This High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword is more than a mere weapon; it's a piece of history, revived with meticulous craftsmanship for collectors, historians, and martial artists alike. Whether displayed with pride or wielded in the traditional martial arts practice, this sabre is a testament to the legacy of the scimitar and the cultures from which it sprang.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicholas Howe (Marysville, US)

Great sword!

Daniel (Dallas, US)
Surprisingly perfect

Most swords you buy online are cheaply made. But this one is not only durable but perfectly Balanced. 10/10

Pretty Sweet!

It looks a little cheese in the pictures but it is really incredible in person! I strongly recommend it. Also, following the other reviews, if you email them, they have discounts that are not advertised so I also got 15% off. I think the code was 15off.

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