Spear - Kwan Dao - Kuang Kung- Chinese Polearms- Qiang- 78"

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Titan of the Battlefield - Kwan Dao Spear

Embrace the vigor of ancient battlefields with this monumental Kwan Dao spear, a defining emblem of valor and dexterity among the legendary Chinese warriors. The saga of this spear begins with the renowned General Kuang Kung of the Three Kingdoms Dynasty, who meticulously crafted this polearm to extend a warrior's domain of control on the skirmish fields. The Kwan Dao's essence as a close combat spear with its formidable blade affixed to a long, robust shaft, broadens the wielder's effective range and striking prowess, embodying the might and strategy of ancient Chinese warfare.

Historically, the genesis of polearms lies in the humble soil of agriculture, as many of these formidable weapons evolved from everyday farming implements. The economical and readily available nature of polearms granted the peasant class a tide-turning edge when the drums of warfare resounded. Trained on the verdant fields, the farming warriors could adeptly transition their agricultural skills to the battlefield with minimal training, making polearms like the Kwan Dao the weapons of the masses. Polearms encompass a spectrum of battlefield dynamics - from thrusting, leverage-amplifying to hurling tactics, each variant evolving to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of war.

Distinctive Craftsmanship: This awe-inspiring Kwan Dao spear boasts a massive metal shaft crowned with a meticulously crafted stainless steel head. The well-balanced design augments your reach and force, replicating the indomitable spirit of General Kuang Kung's era.


  • Handle Material: Sturdy Metal
  • Overall Length: 78"
  • Width: 7.5"
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Stand: Included, a fitting display for this piece of historical legacy

Indulge in the essence of ancient Chinese military tradition as you grasp this massive Kwan Dao spear, a tribute to the age of valor represented by the legendary General Kuang Kung. Whether you are a historical weaponry enthusiast, a collector of ancient armaments, or an admirer of Chinese history, this Kwan Dao spear is more than just a weapon; it's a journey back to the epoch of gallant warriors and strategic masterminds.

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