Spear - Kwan Dao - Kuang Kung- Chinese Polearms- Qiang- 78"

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Spear Description

The Kwan Dao is a spear/ polearm, or pole arm, is a close combat spear in which the main fighting part of the weapon is affixed to the end of a long shaft, extending the user's effective range and striking power. This Kwan Dao spear was created by the general Kuang Kung from the Three Kingdom Dynasty.  Because many polearms were adapted from agricultural implements, they were cheap to make and readily available. When warfare broke out, the poorer class could not pay for dedicated weapons made for war, leading to the rise of pole arms. The cost of training pole arm wielders was minimal, because the farmers had spent most of their lives in the familiar use of these items in the fields. This made polearms the favored weapon of peasants. Pole arms can be divided into three categories. These are polearms designed for extended reach and thrusting tactics, those designed to increase leverage to maximize force to penetrate armor, and those designed for throwing tactics. Because their versatility, high effectiveness and cheap cost, polearms experimentation led to many variants. Some examples of battlefield polearms include, bills, spears, glaives, guandaos, pudaos, poleaxes, halberds, harpoons, sovnyas, tridents, naginatas, war scythes, javelins and more. Pole arms were common weapons on battlefields in Asia and Europe.

This is a massive polearm made of metal with a stainless steel head.  

Handle Material: Metal
Overall Length: 78"
Width: 7.5"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Stand: Included

Spear - Kwan Dao - Kuang Kung- Chinese Polearms- Qiang- 78"- Extra Large

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