Gladius Sword - Mainz Gladius - Gladiator/ Roman Sword - 28"

Gladius Sword - Mainz Gladius - Gladiator/ Roman Sword - 28"

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Gladius Description

Gladius swords were used to describe the primary sword of Ancient Roman foot soldiers. In fact, gladius is the Latin for sword. Traditionally, soldiers used javelins from a distance before engaging in close combat where the primary weapon was the gladius sword, used in conjunction with a shield. Early Gladius swords were very similar to the xiphos sword used by the Greeks. By the 3rd century B.C.E., the Romans modified the xiphos to include aspects of swords used by opponents of war such as the Celtic Celtiberians or the Spanish Hispania. In fact, the Hispaniensis Gladius is also called the Spanish Xiphos. They also adopted various versions of the sword during their conquest of Hispania. The gladius eventually evolved and was replaced by the longer spatha sword in the 3rd century C.E. All gladius types appear to have been suitable for cutting and chopping as well as thrusting. They measured between 22 and 33 inches, although most were a maximum of 25”, and weighed between 1.5-2.5 pounds. gladius styles varied based on guard and blade shape, as well as the decore on the handle and pommel. Other popular versions of the gladius sword were known as the gladius hispaniensis from Spain, Mainz Gladius from Germany, Fulham gladius from Britain, and Pompeii gladius from Pompeii, Rome.  This sword is designed after the Mainz Gladius

Sword Details

Handle Material: Wood and casting

Overall Length: 28"

Sheath: Wood

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Gladius Sword - Mainz Gladius - Gladiator/ Roman Sword - 28"

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REALLY GOOD QUALITY …I love it . Looks great sharpens like a gem and feels amazing in hand …don’t hesitate go for it you won’t regret

Stephenson Stephen

Beautiful Blade very authentic the best people you could ever do business with they have treated me fantastically I have nothing but good things to say the quality of the blades are incredible and the quality of the customer service is actually better than the blade

Tony Davis
Great service

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