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At Battling Blades, we design and sell exceptional handmade items, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to utilizing premium metals, bone, wood, and leather ensures unparalleled quality in each of our products. Our main products started as swords, axes, machetes, and knives, but we have grown substantially, adding new items including armor, clothing, archery, games, and even musical instruments. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in our masterful craftsmanship and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, forging lasting relationships with our clientele. Experience the artistry and expertise of Battling Blades for yourself.
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Customize Your Knife: Precision Crafted to Your Specifications

Introducing our exclusive "Customize Your Knife" service — a unique opportunity to tailor your blade to perfection, combining functionality with personal expression. Whether for culinary mastery, outdoor adventures, or precision cutting, each knife is meticulously crafted to meet your exact needs.

Knife Options:

  • Types Available: Choose from Bowie, Hunting, Gurkha Kukri, Skinner, Survival, Tracker, Paring, Butcher's, Chef's, Carving, and Folding knives.
  • Steel Types: Opt for the resilience of Stainless Steel, the toughness of 1095 Steel, or the distinct pattern of Damascus Steel.
  • Lengths: Ranging from 7 inches up to 27 inches, with incremental upgrades in length available for enhanced versatility and application.

Customization Features:

  • Guard/Bolster: Select from Straight, S-Shaped, Integral, Sub-Hilt, Ring, or Ornate designs to balance and beautify your knife.
  • Handle Material: Craft your grip from Wood, Steel, Micarta, or premium Bone.
  • Spine Type: Choose from Flat, Rounded, Tanto, or Swedge spines for different slicing profiles.
  • Serrated Options: Decide on a serrated spine and/or blade for enhanced cutting through tough materials.
  • Finger Grooves: Enhance grip with options for one, two, or four finger grooves.


  • Sheath Colors and Styles: Protect and carry your knife in style with sheaths available in multiple colors or an ornate design.
  • Blade Engraving: Make it uniquely yours by engraving initials, names, sentences, logos, or images directly onto the blade.
  • Etch Sheath: Add a personal touch to the sheath with options for initials, names, or sentences.

Crafted with precision and designed to your specifications, your customized knife not only performs exceptionally but also stands as a testament to your personal style and requirements. Unleash your creativity and experience a tool that is truly your own. 

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