Viking Gjermundbu Helmet- Leather

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Discover the allure and mysteries of the Viking era with our masterfully recreated Gjermundbu helmet. Hailing from the heart of 10th century Norway, this helmet is more than a protective gear; it's a portal into the legendary world of the Vikings.

Whether you're a history aficionado, a reenactment enthusiast, or someone seeking a unique artifact, our Viking Gjermundbu Helmet promises authenticity, craftsmanship, and a tangible piece of the enigmatic Viking saga. Dive deep into Norse history with this unparalleled relic.

Key Features

  1. Authentic Design & Craftsmanship: The helmet is shaped with a defining round cap, ensuring that historical accuracy meets modern craftsmanship.
  2. Chainmail Aventail: A testament to its protective prowess, the helmet comes equipped with a mail aventail that guards the neck, reflecting the Vikings' keen understanding of battlefield dangers.

  3. Iconic Spectacle Guard: The distinguishing mask-like design not only serves as a protection for the eyes and nose but also stands as a captivating aesthetic feature, reminiscent of the Vendel period helmets.

  4. Preserved Legacy: The Gjermundbu stands out from the historical records. Among the five Viking helmet types discovered, only the Gjermundbu reveals the entire, intricate design, making it a unique relic from the Norse past.

Delving Deeper into History

It's a common misconception to imagine Vikings charging into battle with metal helmets. Surprisingly, the dominant material was likely leather, lightweight yet sturdy. The iconic image of horned helmets associated with the Vikings is more fiction than fact. Such helmets, if they existed, were ceremonial, predating the Viking era. This popular horned helmet imagery can be traced back to the dramatic interpretations of 19th-century operas, showcasing how art can influence and reshape historical perceptions.

Size & Fit

  • Universal Adaptability: Crafted with precision, the helmet ensures a comfortable fit for most head sizes, merging historical design with contemporary wearability.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rick Hall
Leather Viking Helmet

I was extremely pleased with the Viking helmet I recently purchased. The embossed Tree of Life really stood out on the brown boiled leather, and the chain mail neck coif was very well done. Overall, this is an item I would recommend to anyone who appreciates Viking culture and history.

Dave Tyson
Great looking and good quality

I have it proudly displayed and am very happy with it, I wish it was a little bigger but that's what 1 size fits most means.

Dan Seymore

Great quality thank you. i highly recommend battle blades!

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