Renaissance Princess Flare Sleeve Dress

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This enchanting gown is a true masterpiece that combines historical elegance with modern comfort, making it the perfect choice for Halloween cosplay, themed parties, or any occasion where you want to channel the grace and beauty of a Renaissance princess.


  • Historical Essence: The dress's design draws upon the clothing worn by noblewomen during this era and incorporates elements of historical accuracy with modern comfort and style.
  • Fantastical Flair: From the intricate embroidery to the delicate lace accents, each detail reflects the grandeur of the era.
  • Flowing Form: The dress is tailored to provide a flattering and comfortable fit, so you can enjoy your event without any discomfort.
  • Versatile Vision: Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, attending a Renaissance faire, or simply indulging in your love for historical fashion, this dress is versatile enough to suit any occasion. Pair it with your favorite accessories to complete the look.

Make a statement, create unforgettable memories, and step into the pages of history with this extraordinary gown. Order yours today and embark on your own Renaissance adventure!


Size Bust Waist Sleeve Length
S 94cm/37.01'' 78cm/30.71'' 60cm/23.62'' 141cm/55.51''
M 98cm/38.58'' 82cm/32.28'' 61cm/24.02'' 143cm/56.30''
L 102cm/40.16'' 86cm/33.86'' 62cm/24.41'' 145cm/57.09''
XL 106cm/41.73'' 90cm/35.43'' 63cm/24.80'' 147cm/57.87''
XXL 112cm/44.09'' 94cm/37.01'' 64cm/25.20'' 149cm/58.66''
XXXL 116cm/45.67'' 98cm/38.58'' 65cm/25.59'' 151cm/59.45''
XXXXL 120cm/47.24'' 102cm/40.16'' 66cm/25.98'' 153cm/60.24''
XXXXXL 124cm/48.82'' 106cm/41.73'' 67cm/26.38'' 155cm/61.02''
Size:S Bust:94cm/37.01'' Waist:78cm/30.71'' Sleeve:60cm/23.62'' Length:141cm/55.51''
Size:M Bust:98cm/38.58'' Waist:82cm/32.28'' Sleeve:61cm/24.02'' Length:143cm/56.30''
Size:L Bust:102cm/40.16'' Waist:86cm/33.86'' Sleeve:62cm/24.41'' Length:145cm/57.09''
Size:XL Bust:106cm/41.73'' Waist:90cm/35.43'' Sleeve:63cm/24.80'' Length:147cm/57.87''
Size:XXL Bust:112cm/44.09'' Waist:94cm/37.01'' Sleeve:64cm/25.20'' Length:149cm/58.66''
Size:XXXL Bust:116cm/45.67'' Waist:98cm/38.58'' Sleeve:65cm/25.59'' Length:151cm/59.45''
Size:XXXXL Bust:120cm/47.24'' Waist:102cm/40.16'' Sleeve:66cm/25.98'' Length:153cm/60.24''
Size:XXXXXL Bust:124cm/48.82'' Waist:106cm/41.73'' Sleeve:67cm/26.38'' Length:155cm/61.02''

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