Marble Chess Set- White Coral and Red Marble Chess Board with Pieces- 12" - Battling Blades
Marble Chess Set- White Coral and Red Marble Chess Board with Pieces- 12" - Battling Blades
Marble Chess Set- White Coral and Red Marble Chess Board with Pieces- 12" - Battling Blades

Marble Chess Set- White Coral and Red Marble Chess Board with Pieces- 12"

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Elegance Redefined: Marble Chess Set

Step into a realm where artistry meets strategy with our exquisite Marble Chess Set. Each set is a masterpiece, hand-carved from stone with the utmost care, ensuring that no two boards are alike. The chess pieces, fashioned in the iconic Staunton style, are also hand-carved, embodying the essence of traditional chess with a touch of unique craftsmanship. To protect both the board and pieces, and the surfaces on which they rest, each piece features a soft, felt bottom.

A Study in Contrast: Red and White Coral Marble

Crafted from the luxurious red and white coral marble, this chess set exudes a pure and authentic aura reminiscent of the original Staunton style sets that emerged from London. The white marble not only forms the battleground for the chess pieces but also extends into a meticulously designed border, offering a canvas of simplicity and elegance. Each piece stands out with its minimalistic yet sophisticated design, inviting players into a serene yet competitive experience.

Chess Set Specifications

  • Board Dimensions: A compact 12” width, perfect for display and play in any setting.
  • Chess Pieces: 32 meticulously hand-carved pieces, including:
    • Kings and Queens: 2 of each, with the king measuring an impressive 3” in height.
    • Bishops, Knights, and Rooks: 4 of each, crafted to detail.
    • Pawns: 16, the backbone of the game, each crafted with precision.
  • Colors: 64 square tiles - 32 in red and 32 in white coral, surrounded by a red border.
  • Protection: Felt bottoms on both the board and pieces to prevent scratches.
  • Storage: A luxurious blue velvet case, individually tailored to hold and protect each piece.

Chess: A Timeless Journey

Chess boasts a rich history that dates back to the 6th century in northwest India, evolving from the game of chaturaṅga. As it journeyed along the Silk Road, it embraced various cultures, leading to the strategic game known worldwide today. The term "checkmate" derives from the Persian "shāh māt," symbolizing the king's capture. By the 15th century, the modern game of chess began to take shape, leading to the cherished game played in homes and competitions across the globe.

Our Marble Chess Set is not just a game but a treasure, offering a blend of historical reverence, artistic beauty, and intellectual challenge. It's an heirloom piece that brings the ancient game of chess into your home with unparalleled elegance.

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