Large Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 16"
Large Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 16"
Large Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 16"

Large Marble Chess Set- Black Zebra and White- 16"

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Elegance Set in Stone: The Large Marble Chess Set (16") in Black Zebra and White

Delve into the grandeur of the ancient game with a chess set that exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. This Large Marble Chess Set, curated from exquisite black zebra and white bianco venato marble, is not just a game—it's an odyssey set in stone.

The Magnificence of Marble: Crafted meticulously by hands skilled in the age-old tradition, each component of this chess set is a masterpiece. The board, an epitome of elegance with its contrasting black zebra and white marble squares, is a tribute to chess’s storied heritage. Each square is unique, a signature of nature's artistry, laid meticulously by hand to create a board where every game is a new narrative.

A Gathering of Masterpieces: The chess pieces, hand-carved in the cherished Staunton style, stand as sentinels of tradition, embodying the essence of chess. With their felt-padded bottoms, they glide on the board, each move a whisper against the stone, echoing the moves of masters from centuries past.


  • Board Dimensions: 16" Wide with felt bottom
  • King's Height: 3.5"
  • Material: Black Zebra Marble and White Bianco Venato Marble
  • Set Includes:
    • Board: 64 Square Tiles (32 Black Zebra and 32 White) with a White Border
    • Chess Pieces: 32 Hand-carved pieces in traditional Staunton style
    • Storage: Velvet Box to individually secure each piece

Chess Pieces Details

  • King: 2
  • Queen: 2
  • Bishop: 4
  • Knight: 4
  • Rook: 4
  • Pawn: 16

A Nod to Legacy: Embark on a journey across the board, tracing the roots of chess back to 6th-century India, where it began as Chaturaṅga. Over centuries, through the corridors of Persia and the lanes of the Silk Road, it evolved into the modern game known and revered today. The term "checkmate" echoes through the annals of history, a reminder of a time when kings, queens, and knights strategized over fields of battle.

A Canvas of History: The delicate crisscross of grey on white, the dark allure of black zebra marble adorned with streaks of quartz and calcite—each detail of this chess set tells a story. It's more than just a game. It’s a bridge to the past, a tribute to the timeless art of strategy. Encased in a plush velvet box, this Marble Chess Set awaits the discerning player keen on reliving the venerable game's grand narrative.

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