Viking Sword / Ulfberht Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"
Viking Sword / Ulfberht Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"
Viking Sword / Ulfberht Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"

Viking Sword / Ulfberht Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"

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Viking Sword Description

The Viking sword (also known as the Viking age sword) or Ulfberht sword is the type of sword prevalent in Western and Northern Europe during the Early Middle Ages.  The Viking sword developed in the 8th century from the Merovingian sword and was the primary sword used by the Scandinavian based Viking people.  The sword was derived from the Roman Gladius sword.  It is a single handed sword with a sharp tip and edges designed for slashing as well as thrusting. Viking swords remained popular until the 12th century where they blended into Norman swords which were the first stages of the knightly sword.

Blade Materials

The sword is made from Pattern welded Damascus steel.  Pattern welded Damascus steel is a hard heat treated, folded carbon steel.  There are 11 pieces of steel, folded five times, making 352 layers.  The steel is the perfect combination of hardness and durability with a Rockwell hardness rating between 55 and 56 HRC.  High carbon damascus steel must contain layers of high carbon steel.  The high carbon steel we use is 1095 steel which is the highest content carbon steel used in swords.  The combination of the steel layers creates a sword that is strong enough to hold a powerful edge while having the strength and flexibility to withstand powerful collisions.  This makes the perfect steel for swords.  The handle is wood with brass bolsters.  It comes with a leather sheath.  

Sword Details

Handle Material: Wood with Brass Bolsters

Overall Length: 24"

Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC

Number of layers:  352

Sheath: Leather sheath

Blade Material: Damascus steel

      6 Pieces of Carbon Steel #43 and #40

      5 Pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095

      1st Fold- 11x2=22 Layers

      2nd Fold- 22*2=44 Layers

      3rd Fold- 44*2=88 Layers

      4th Fold- 88*2=176 Layers

      5th Fold- 176*2=352 Layers


Viking Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"- Viking Age/ Carolingian Sword

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beautiful Blades.

I ordered 3 different swords and all three were big hits for Christmas presents. Everyone loved them and one even put it up on the wall right away with the free sword mount I ordered as well.

High quality craftsmanship and customer service. I also ordered two tomahawks and they were beautiful as well.

Thank you!


I was very happy with my new sword it was of good quality and arrived on time

Won't need another!

I was binge watching The Last Kingdom, (Viking invasion of England), and decided to look for a sword like the ones used on the show. Battling Blades had this sword that looked very authentic at an amazing sale price. I'm sure I could have spent three times as much and not been as happy with the product. The workmanship is very impressive; beautiful and strong, and very sharp! My wife doesn't really get it, but I think she appreciates that the castle now has one more line of defense.
"Destiny Is All".


Viking Sword / Ulfberht Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 24"

Father in law finally likes me

I bought this for my father in laws 80th birthday. He and I have always butted heads but after giving this to him, he has been so nice ever since. Next time I piss him off, I will get another for sure.

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