Katana Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword with Clay Temper Blade- Samurai Sword- 40.5"
Katana Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword with Clay Temper Blade- Samurai Sword- 40.5"
Katana Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword with Clay Temper Blade- Samurai Sword- 40.5"

Katana Sword- High Carbon 1095 Steel Sword with Clay Temper Blade- Samurai Sword- 40.5"

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Masterfully Crafted Katana – The Pinnacle of Samurai Tradition

Immerse yourself in the warrior ethos of the samurai with this meticulously crafted katana, a symbol of the noble combatants of ancient and feudal Japan. With its iconic, gently curving blade, single-edge design, and the traditional circular or squared guard, this katana echoes an era when the sword was the soul of the samurai. Measuring an impressive 40.5 inches, this blade extends beyond the typical 24 inches that define the katana, signifying a weapon made for the deft hands of a true warrior.

Blade Mastery – The Fusion of Durability and Sharpness: The 1095 high carbon steel used in this katana represents the zenith of sword materials, favored for its unyielding edge retention and formidable hardness. With a carbon content of .95%, it boasts one of the highest ratios in the steel family, eclipsing the common 1045 steel variety known for its .45% carbon content. The resulting blade hardness ranges from 56-58 HRC, offering an exceptional balance between strength and lasting sharpness.

Understanding the inherent need for flexibility in a high-caliber sword, this katana benefits from the ancient technique of clay tempering. The blade, coated with a layer of clay, undergoes a controlled cooling process that tempers the steel. The edge is left exposed, allowing it to cool quickly and retain its remarkable hardness, while the spine, insulated by the clay, cools more slowly, enhancing its flexibility. This strategic method yields a blade that is resilient against high-impact collisions, a testament to the formidable yet thoughtful engineering of samurai weaponry.

Elegant Construction Details:

  • Overall Length: A commanding presence at 40.5 inches.
  • Sheath: A protective and aesthetically pleasing wood sheath encases the blade.
  • Blade Material: The resilience and beauty of Damascus Steel meet the unmatched edge retention of 1095 high carbon steel.
  • Tang: A full tang provides structural integrity and balance.
  • Handle: Crafted from quality wood, ensuring a secure and traditional grip.
  • Rockwell Hardness: A measure of 56-58 HRC confirms the blade's toughness and longevity.

Introducing the High Carbon 1095 Steel Katana with Clay Temper Blade: This katana is not merely a cutting instrument but a piece of history, a tribute to the legendary samurai swords of old. Its balance of flexibility and hardness, achieved through the revered clay tempering technique, ensures that it is both a collector's centerpiece and a martial artist's trusted companion.

Elevate your collection with a blade that resonates with the spirit of the samurai — a 40.5-inch katana that is as much a functional weapon as it is an artifact of martial refinement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Rube (Coral Gables, US)
Close to perfection

I just returned from a trip to Japan and got to witness first hand the finest vintage Katana swords. This sword is as close as it gets to an original Katana. The weight, balance and feel of this sword is exceptional. The blade is well made and the leather weave on the handle is very realistic.

MG (Belmont, US)
Beautiful swords

I don't plan on taking them outside so I can't say if weather will affect them. I also bought the stand and they look great on display.

Allen Turner
Perfect Katana

Outstanding craftsmanship all around, and definitely sharp to the touch!! I'm very pleased... thanks again battle blades, you've outdone your self once again!!!

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