Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 28"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword
Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 28"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword
Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 28"- Gladiator/ Roman Sword

Gladius Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel- 28"

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At Battling Blades, we design and sell exceptional handmade items, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to utilizing premium metals, bone, wood, and leather ensures unparalleled quality in each of our products. Our main products started as swords, axes, machetes, and knives, but we have grown substantially, adding new items including armor, clothing, archery, games, and even musical instruments. As a family-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in our masterful craftsmanship and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, forging lasting relationships with our clientele. Experience the artistry and expertise of Battling Blades for yourself.

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Gladius Sword: A Blend of History and Masterful Craftsmanship

Historical Significance: The Gladius, a term derived from Latin, epitomizes the quintessential sword used by Ancient Roman foot soldiers. Its design evolved from early Roman swords influenced by Greek patterns to the formidable "gladius hispaniensis" - a variant inspired by the Celtiberians during Rome's conquest of Hispania. This sword was a cornerstone in Roman military tactics, complementing the javelin in battle. Soldiers would initially weaken enemy formations with javelins before closing in for combat, where the Gladius's versatility in thrusting, cutting, and chopping proved decisive.

Exquisite Blade Craftsmanship: Our Gladius is a testament to the fusion of historical design and modern metallurgy, forged from Pattern Welded Damascus Steel. This premium steel, known for its balance of hardness and durability, features 352 layers created through a meticulous process of folding and welding. At its core is the high carbon 1095 steel, renowned for its superior strength and edge-retention capabilities. The blade's Rockwell hardness rating of 55-56 HRC ensures a perfect blend of resilience and flexibility, capable of withstanding rigorous use.

Detailed Specifications

  • Overall Length: 28 inches, ideal for both display and practical use.
  • Handle: Crafted from quality wood, enhanced with sturdy brass bolsters for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Damascus Steel, comprising:
    • Six layers of Carbon Steel (Grades #43 and #40).
    • Five layers of High Carbon Steel 1095.
    • Folded five times to achieve the final 352-layered structure.
  • Sheath: Comes with a durable leather sheath, protecting the blade and facilitating safe handling.

Product Overview: This Gladius Sword is not just a weapon but a piece of history, meticulously recreated for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether you're a fan of Roman history, a practitioner of historical martial arts, or a collector of fine swords, this Gladius offers an unparalleled blend of historical authenticity and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Customer (DeKalb, US)
exceeded expectations

I purchased this Gladius with an engraved blade as a birthday present for my best friend who studied Roman history at NIU, I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time but it did, weeks before I thought it would! The craftsmanship is beautiful, I couldn't believe it. Thanks a ton to Andy over at Battlingblades who made sure everything for my order was perfect!

Jake Crippen (Oakland, US)
A beautiful must have sword!

This is a stunning blade! Very beautiful and finely crafted. I wouldn’t mind having 10 of them to keep in every corner of my cabin and pickup. Very sharp and deadly! It’s a must have. It’s my third sword from battling

Alice Christopher (Coldwater, US)
beautiful gift

My daughter wanted a sword for Christmas, and my internet search led me to Battling Blades. I am so glad it did. With no experience purchasing this type of item, I didn't know what to expect, but when I received this sword I was very impressed by the quality and craftmanship. I would highly recommend shopping with Battling Blades.

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