Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 40.5"-Samurai Sword
Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 40.5"-Samurai Sword
Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 40.5"-Samurai Sword

Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 40.5"-Samurai Sword

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Katana Description

Historically, the katana sword (also known and samurai sword) were one of the Japanese weapons that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan.  The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance with a curved, single-edged blade, a circular or squared guard, and long two-handed grip.  Western historians have said that katana were among the finest cutting weapons in world military history.  Katana defines a sword of this description that longer than 24".  This katana measures 40.5" and is made from blended high carbon Damascus steel with brass bolsters.

Blade Materials

This katana sword is made from Pattern welded Damascus steel.  Pattern welded Damascus steel is a hard heat treated, folded carbon steel.  There are 11 pieces of steel, folded five times, making 352 layers.  The steel is the perfect combination of hardness and durability with a Rockwell hardness rating between 55 and 56 HRC.  High carbon damascus steel must contain layers of high carbon steel.  The high carbon steel we use is 1095 steel which is the highest content carbon steel used in swords.  The combination of the steel layers creates a sword that is strong enough to hold a powerful edge while having the strength and flexibility to withstand powerful collisions.  This makes the perfect steel for swords.  The handle is wood with brass bolsters.  It comes with a wooden and leather sheath and has an HRC of 55-56.

Sword Details

Overall Length: 40.5"

Sheath: Wood and Leather Sheath

Blade Material: Damascus Steel

Tang: Full

Handle: Wood

Rockwell Hardness: 55-56 HRC

Blade Material: Damascus Steel

   6 Pieces of Carbon Steel #43 and #40

      5 Pieces of High Carbon Steel 1095

      1st Fold- 11x2=22 Layers

      2nd Fold- 22*2=44 Layers

      3rd Fold- 44*2=88 Layers

      4th Fold- 88*2=176 Layers

      5th Fold- 176*2=352 Layers

Katana Sword- High Carbon Damascus Steel Sword- 40.5"-Samurai Sword


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Customer Reviews

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Damascus sword

It's sharp that's all I know built ok.

I Murdock

Solid good forge work on my Katana

Katana Sword and Viking Sword

I ordered a katana and a viking sword for my husband for Christmas. I will say that I was a bit worried ordering from a company that I had not heard of until my husband sent me their link. That being said, all of my questions were answered and we received the swords right on time for the holidays. The swords are beautiful, but my husband has yet to "test them out " lol. Right now they are for him to display. He seemed genuinely impressed with the quality given the price I paid. I am giving 4 stars because the costumer service was pretty good (although an actual number to call would be nice) and the overall quality is good. The only things I can personally say is that the cover for the katana goes on weird and is harder to get off of the sword and the wrapping could have been a bit neater. We have children that come around so I guess the fact that the cover is hard to get off is probably a good thing and so not a big deal. My husband said he will submit a review once he can actually test the weapons.

Incredible Katana

Honestly, I cannot believe how perfect this sword is. It looks flawless and sliced through my pads with ease. Customer service was great and the price cannot be beat. If they keep this up, they will be my exclusive sword company (I buy a lot of swords).

Very Impressed

The sword is pretty much perfect. It is a visually flawless masterpiece and functionally exquisite. The price is absurdly low. Like absurdly low... it was so low that I was ready to return it immediately due to the fact that I could not believe it was real. After I received it I put it through the ringer. It flawlessly passed every test. I immediately ordered six more and will try other katana models in the future.

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