5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Kitchen Knives

Eating a steady diet of fast food can be bad for your health. These foods are usually mass-produced and contain chemicals and tons of filler ingredients. Instead of relying on your local fast food restaurant for sustenance, you need to get in the habit of cooking at home.

Nearly 36 percent of Americans cook meals at home on a daily basis. Having the right cutlery is crucial when trying to bring your culinary creations to life.

Investing in a set of quality knives can help you slice and dice your food with minimal effort. Once you’ve found and purchased new knives, keeping them in pristine shape should be a priority. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid if you want to keep your knives working properly.

1. Avoid Letting Your Knives Get Banged Up In a Drawer

 If a knife’s blade gets dinged up, it will not cut as well as it once did. Properly storing your knives can help you avoid damage and injury. Some people make the mistake of throwing their new knives in a kitchen drawer.

This usually results in this cutlery hitting other loose utensils and kitchen tools. Storing knives in a drawer can also lead to accidents occurring. Reaching into a drawer that contains a knife can result in you getting cut. This is why investing in a standalone knife rack is a good idea.

2. Don’t Leave Your Knives in the Drying Rack

Once you get done prepping meats and vegetables with your knives, you will need to give them a good washing. Making mistakes during the knife washing and drying process can lead to significant damage. If you want to keep your knives damage-free, you need to do things like:

Wash knives by hand

Avoid putting it in a drying rack with other utensils

Dry it by hand after washing

By abiding by these rules, you can keep your knives scratch and rust-free.

3. Never Use Your Knife When It’s Dull

Did you realize that a dull knife requires more pressure to cut through food? The more pressure you have to use to cut your food, the higher the risk becomes of the blade slipping and cutting you. Investing in a quality knife sharpener is crucial if you want to keep your cutlery functional and durable.

4. Use Your Knife Only For Cutting Food

Some people think they can use their knives for any task under the sun. Trying to use your knife as a screwdriver or a can opener is a horrible idea. Not only is this dangerous, it can also break the tip off of your knife. This is why you need to only use your knives for cutting food.

5. Glass and Stone Cutting Boards Should Be Avoided

If you make the mistake of using a stone or glass cutting board, you run the risk of damaging your knives.

Using a plastic or wood cutting board can help you keep your knives sharp for a long time to come.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can extend the life of the knives in your kitchen.