What is The Difference between Bastard Sword vs Longsword?

What is The Difference between Bastard Sword vs Longsword?

Before discussing the Bastard sword vs the Longsword, the most famous weapons during the Ancient times were swords. Warriors used knives and swords during the war to conquer their enemies. However, these swords have been getting new names ever since.

The Bastard sword is a modern name for the finest sword and so is the name Longsword. These swords were used in the middle-age and are well known for their beauty and purpose.

The Longsword is a traditional sword and is the same as the bastard sword. The sword can be used as a one-handed sword or two-handed sword. There is no such difference in that case.

Before getting deeper into the facts related to bastard sword vs Longsword, let us discuss a bit about the bastard sword and Longsword individually.

What is a Bastard sword?

The Bastard sword is also known and recognized as a long sword. The

Bastard sword was invented in England and then in France. Bastard swords are just another way of classifying this sword. The sword developed as in the form of a longsword with time.

People are continuously using these bastard swords for so many years. Bastard swords are also known as hand-and-a-half swords. It has a long grip that allows them to use it as a two-handed sword. Why do they call it a bastard sword? Because the term bastard refers to an “epee batard” this term is used to refer to a hand and hand sword.

The bastard sword has two edges blade along with a handle which was enough for two hands. The length of the bastard blade is 40-48 inches. The handle of the bastard sword is about 10-15 inches. The additional length of the bastard sword handle allows the blade to be held in two hands. Samurais used it as a close contact weapon at that time. It takes so many hours for using this weapon. It was not easy to use it at that time as many hours would be spent on the training to use the sword.

Also, many techniques were applied to use the sword correctly. It is a type of medieval-long sword. The Bastard sword was 1st invented in England. This bastard sword can be used in both hands in a very comfortable way. Bastard swords blades can be used as a very aggressive weapon. They were highly-priced so only the samurais and army-men could buy and use this dangerous weapon.

This bastard sword blade could be the same length sword as a single-hand sword but the grip of the blade is enough to make it two-handed. This bastard sword was designed and remained an aggressive and effective killing tool. The overall length of the sword is about 1200 mm and the weight of this bastard sword is 1.8kg.

What is Longsword?

People in Egypt invented the swords during the Bronze Age. The swords were invented for many purposes. Also, with time, the swords were adapted in different cultures and were eminent all across the world. Earlier, people used to use daggers which were then converted into swords.

Moving onto the late 15th century, the Longsword had been discovered by the Europeans. The Longsword was characterized with a grip for two-handed using purpose. The name itself suggests that the sword is a ‘long’ sword that could be used for killing, and slashing purposes.

Also, the blade of the Longsword is a double-edged blade that is around 85 to 110 centimeters. Furthermore, the weight of the Longsword is around 1 to 1.5 kgs. These swords were quite common during the late medieval period.

These came into existence during the 13th century and were able to see the 17th century. Also, the Longsword is somehow similar to the bastard sword that has been mentioned above. It’s just a matter of naming the swords otherwise; the use of both the swords is the same.

The Longsword is a sword that has the relevance of its grip. It is much famous for the long grip rather than the length of the blade. The grip of the Longsword indicated the use of this particular sword. For instance, the grip characterized holding and using the sword with two hands.

Undoubtedly, the sword was quite heavy due to the best quality steel and the best handle. The design of the Longsword is overwhelming and due to this, collectors from all over the world love to have a Longsword at home as a collection of the most Antique piece. Currently, Battling Blades is selling the Longsword at a very reasonable price so do not miss a chance to grab one for yourself.

Bastard Sword vs Longsword:

Long back it had come to the notice of media that there is a difference between certain kinds of swords. Amongst which the Bastard sword vs longsword was in limelight.

People were wondering about the existence of different kinds of swords. Adding further, in the contemporary era, swords can only be seen in games, which is why people doubt their existence. For your knowledge, the swords did exist and were used widely during the wars.

Once we are familiar with the above-mentioned facts on both the swords, we can see that the Longsword and the Bastard sword are more likely the same. Some people believe that it can be justified about bastard sword vs longsword. However, drawing a particular difference between the two is impossible. The major point of difference lies in the finesse and versatile

qualities of bastard sword vs longsword. By this we mean, that if we have to draw a difference between the two, we can identify the swords as following:

Bastard Sword: 1 d8, Slashing sword, finesse

Longsword: 1 d8, slashing sword, versatile.

According to different historians, the difference between bastard sword vs longsword can be drawn only on the ground of their names. It is believed that the naming system is quite confusing due to which people think the swords are entirely different from each other. For the beginners, the names might confuse them but for the experienced generation, the swords are the same. It is essential to discover the truth about any difference. Once you are on the same track, you will be able to select the best sword for yourself.

It has been declared by people who have been working in the medieval recreation centers that the swords that we talk about do exist. The manufacturing is still being done for the collectors of swords. People from all over the world have a passion for collecting swords and this is the main reason that history has been kept alive in some or the other way.

Classification of swords according to the usage:

The swords that were used during the wars by the warriors were classified into three main categories. These were identified by following the handling style of the swords. Below are the categories explained in the right way.

One-handed swords: These are short swords that can be used for parry and fence. For instance, these can be used to poke towards someone rather than using it for slashing. There are minimal chances for the weapon to go through the plate armor.

The hand-and-a-half swords: The next piece is a bit longer and heavier sword. These swords have a longer hilt and can be held with two hands. Unlike other swords, these are a bit uncomfortable swords to hold in this manner. If you plan to use it with one hand, you will not be able to do that because of the weight of the sword. These swords are to be used with both hands otherwise they may cause more damage than giving you benefits. There were longer swords used for warriors on the horses to increase the range.

Two-handed swords: These are the heaviest swords that were used by the fighters with a two-handed grip. These could swing nicely and be used for slashing purposes. However, no finesse was possible with these swords. It was believed that a person who is armed with this sword is difficult to stop.

Once we are aware of the difference between the swords, we can say that the Longsword and Bastard swords do not have much of differentiating points. They are both similar to the hand-and-a-half swords.