Your Full-Scale LARPing Store

Contrary to what you might think when looking at the name, ‘Battling Blades,” we sell much more than your typical “gladius” or esclavier or short sword here.

This is your one-stop shop for LARPing and traditional reenactment. We have quite a lot of stuff that you might not expect, so take time to browse the entire store and choose what's most to your liking for fantastic imaginative club sessions or other events. We take pride in putting together a lot of what the best fantasy role players rely on to get to those other worlds.

Armor and Helmets

If you want a Spartan or Viking helmet, or a great helm headpiece to protect your noggin, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a range of medieval helmets and armor designs, including custom items like the beautiful Yggdrasil shield featuring the Vikings tree of life on its face. These pair well with our weapons and other traditional equipment for your live action role-playing experience, or for any other kind of event that celebrates historic societies and cultures. In these products, you can see some of the authentically historic aspects of past fighting cultures that are so interesting to many LARPing folks.

Musical Instruments

Music was undoubtedly part of the ancient moral. It's also part of those fantasy worlds that writers and others create, from Lothlorien and Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings to George R. R. Martin's ‘Game of Thrones and beyond.

Here, you're more likely to find a guitar or saxophone than a lute or a suckbuthowever, with that in mind, you can get a short trumpet or other items that support the musical side of your LARPing reenactment that will give you the confidence that you need in battle (or the accessories that you’ll enjoy in peace-time!)

Mugs and Drinking Horns

You can also get cool medieval mugs, or you can go several steps further and get a magnificent drinking horn.

Manifest the power of the ram with a unique container for your portable libations.

Realistically, there's a lot more that you can get in our catalog, too. Rather than go over everything, we respectively beseech you to spend some time browsing, and ask us any questions about our excellent LARPing and role playing products. Like you we are “freaks” for fantastic and medieval lore, and explorative worlds where the usual rules of modern life don’t apply.