Unknown and Amazing Facts about Gurkha Kukri Knife

The powerful stories of Gurkha and kukri are still trending all over the world. This tribe attained limelight and fame for the strength shown in wars- WWI and WWII. The better-known Gurkha knife came from the words-“kukri”, which soon became the most loved knife of the time.

While you search to buy gurkha kukri knife, it’s important to know about its historical background and importance. The utility kukri knife soon became a symbol of recognition for Nepalese culture. It represents

  • All the past traditions and spiritual beliefs in Nepalese Culture
  • The social role of Nepalese tribe in the world
  • An embodiment of strength with which the Nepalese tribe fought wars
  • Symbol of wealth
  • Social status
  • Prestige

The Gurkha knife for sale online today is an exact representation of previous weapons. With being the symbol of strength, this multi-purpose knife can be used for survival techniques in outdoor activities. Once you get a hold of it, you’d love to carry it all the time!

Legend of the Gurkha Kukri Knife

Soon enough after WWI, the Gurkhas started earning fame for their precious knives- the GURKHA kukri knives.

This short sized and broad-bladed knife earned distinction due to its multi-uses in the field. What sets it apart is the designed curve at the holder. The Gurkha knife can be used for various purposes such as

  • Chopping wood while out for outdoor trips
  • Killing animals
  • Opening drink cans
  • Clearing growth in fields
  • Anything else that requires a sharp blade

The Nepalese families still have the long-running tradition of making youngsters learn how to use the Gurkha kukri knife. They are made familiar with its different usage right from a very early age. That is how they earn effectiveness while fighting as the Gurkha warrior.

This one particular knife is portable, making the most respectable personal armory for warriors. The features of modern Gurkha kukri knife are

- About 30cm in length

- Can be carried in small pockets

- Sharpened with khukuri tools

- Used with the "karda" as an aid for skinning animals.

This one weapon is still used as the general utility tool in modern times. People wandering the mountains love to carve up a watermelon with Gurkha knife.

Gurkha Kukri Knife as Part Of Ceremonial Occasions!

The konra knife, which is twice the Gurkha knife's size, also has a large size handle. It allows its handler to get a better grip while sacrificing animals on ceremonial occasions. The user of Gurkha kukri knife is trained to decapitate the animal in a single blow, as it brings good luck to the team!

The Bottom Line

With an element of truth in the Gurkha Kukri knife's stories, it is surreal that this decorative tool is one important religious symbol even today!