The Popular Weapons of the Top Deadliest Warriors

Nowadays, swords, shields, and various other weapons are viewed as ubiquitous military armaments. Homeowners are purchasing these weapons to boost the appearance and value of their homes. Placing them on a prominent wall in your home delivers a strong, ethnic presence of its own. 

Here are some of the top weapons used by the deadliest warriors. 

  • Kopis sword: a well-renowned sword of Persia 

The Kopis is a unique sword with a clever design. The forward curving blade is known as a recurve’. Its design is used today in utility knives, swords, combat knives, and the world-famous kukri knife. Here are some highlights of these swords. 

  1. It can deliver a powerful slash with the momentum of an ax while using the long cutting edge of a sword. 
  2. The blade is usually profoundly curved and made of bronze and iron.
  3. The handles of these swords are fabricated with bone and curved around the hand to prevent loss of the blade.
  4. The curved blade helps the Kopis to be an effective cutting, hacking, and slashing weapon. 
  5. The Kopis sword was frequently used alongside an Aspis shield and in armed formations for cutting down foes when getting too close for the Xyston or Dory to be effective. 


  • Greek helmet: popular during the archaic and early classical periods 

Helmets have been used to protect soldiers since the advent of warfare. You will find a wide range of Greek helmetsTo know the amazing highlights of these helmets, have a look at these points below. 

  1. They were usually custom-made and lined with high-end leather for comfort. 
  2. The most basic helmet comes with a band near the forehead that comes down near the temple and below the jaw, and is known as a cheek guard. 
  3. The helmets used by Spartan warriors strongly resembled the Corinthian helmet with their extended nose guards and pointed cheek guards. 
  4. The helmets were elaborately carved with Greek insignias or creatures, such as lions or snakes.
  5. Some of the Greek helmets were extended upward into a forward-facing curl, often decoratively fabricated. 
  • Spartan shield: bred for battle 

The Spartan army was considered the most dominant, feared the military force of ancient Greece. Its prowess was built on a singular mentality and the strategies they brought to war. Here are some highlights of the Spartan shield. 

  1. The shield was made of various layers of wood, covered in a layer of bronze and leather for absorbing shock. 
  2. The Spartanused their aspis to protect themselves from the deadly projectile attacks of the Ninja.
  3. It was one of the most devastating weapons against the unarmed Ninja and was still effective against the Samurai in terms of kills. 
  4. Spartan shields were usually decorated with an emblem and the lambda, being the most well-known Spartan hoplites. 
  5. It comes with two straps attached to the back to make it easy to carry around all night. 

More and more people purchase these helmets, shields, or Greek swords for sale for their projects or decoration purposes.