Pirate Cutlass Sword

How Pirates Handled Physical Combats during their Period

Vikings were arguably the real pirates’ even if they were generally land-dwelling. They attack villages, ships, and settlements. For many years, they made a significant impact on the lives of Europeans they haunted. The success which pirates and riders achieve depended mainly on the equipment and fighting tools such as pirate cutlass swords, cannons, daggers, etc. they use and the ships they owned.

Vikings were the sailors and the shipbuilders hailing from country to country. Sea and water represented a significant part of their lives. Though they built many different boats, the one that became widely popular was Dreki.

Vikings were the strongest in the pre-medieval world. They were known to a force to be reckoned with, and this was all because of the equipment they had. Vikings used short swords, axes in battles. On land, they use broad axes or swords capable of cleaving through the man in a single swing, no matter how intense the enemy was.

Pirates in Physical Combat

Pirates were often involved in battles, attacking settlements, ships, and villages; hence it was essential for every pirate to have excellent combat skills. Seizing and attacking ships was a familiar gesture for all the pirates; however, the skill where they need creativity is physical combat. Fortunately, pirates had an endless number of available weapons, which helped them be creative in those days. Here’s how pirates get involved and handled physical combats:

Sword Fighting

Swords were the most used weapons for many pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy, as gun fires on the ships were hazardous than usual. The cutlass swords were the most favorable weapon as the curved shape was incredibly perfect for slashing everything in a single go. The ropes, heavy canvas, and enemies were all highly vulnerable to the cutlass swords. Due to its short length and lightweight, it was considered perfect for close combat.

Cannons and Dynamite

All the pirates were equipped with the cannons on board even though they require four men for its operation. All of them were required to load, aim, fire, and reposition the cannons to make it work to the fullest. They were wholly deadly and terrifying weapons and worked at incredible velocity. They kept the ability to shred the masts, boats, ships, into various pieces.

Daggers and Cutlasses

Daggers were also one of the essential weapons used by pirates for close combat. It was easy to carry, use, quick, and stealthy, which gave excellent results in both attack and defense. The perfect pirates use daggers to supplement the pirate swords in close combat situations.

Without any doubt, the skills and reputation of pirates in close combats, battles, and attacks were appreciable.