How to buy Katana Swords – Factors to consider | Battling Blades

How to buy Katana Swords – Factors to consider | Battling Blades

Katana swords are considered to be the most popular swords, since centuries. These ninja originated swords were first used in Japan. The war troops and soldiers used to take katana sword handmade with them to Warfield- and nothing else!

Even in some of the areas of Japan, it is still called by the name of samurai katana swords. These swords can take your breath away with its design and functionality. Looking to learn more about them?

Here are some of the important aspects to consider while buying katana swords handmade that are still carved in the villagers and sharpened in industries all over the world:

Let’s learn about History of Katana Swords

The origin of Katana Swords goes back to design of famous- “Jōkotō Swords” that made designers further blend the warrior culture designs of Korean and Chinese into one sword design.

By late 8th century, the sword designers molded Jokoto swords with the design of two-sided curved-“Tachi Swords”. Then came the era of the Katana swords in beginning of the 15th century and never turned back!

The designs are still the same and are easily available as samurai katana swords online.

Factors to consider while buying Katana Swords

Look for the Blade Length and thickness

All the weapons are first characterized by its blade length. The blade length of Damascus katana sword starts from 23-28 inches. Similarly the thickness varies between 0.25- 0.20 inches. While considering the length and weight of the blade of katana swords, measure the strength and height of its user first. The ones with the average height and body build up must go for shorter length and thinner blade swords, rather than jumping directly onto longer Katana blades

Blade Material

The quality of the blade material is what decides if the knife would stay long-lasting or get blunt in 1-2 years. It even says a lot about the life of the katana sword handmade. The high quality in samurai katana swords for sale online clearly defines, if it can be taken out in wild or not. If it is made of low-quality steel, then it is as good as keeping it on the wall as a decoration piece.

Weight Of The Sword

The weight of the damascus katana sword clearly gets defined by certain characteristics such as quality of material used with the length and thickness of the blade. The katana swords usually weigh between 2.2-2.8 pounds.

Look for the Purpose, before you place order of samurai katana swords  

The true samurai in you must be dying to use katana swords handmade for combat purpose. Since years, this weapon may have lost its true sense and existence, but it is still alive in hearts of Katana lovers and even has found a place on the wall as sign of royalty in 2021!